World who we are and what we

World literature is a collection of many works consisting of various masterpieces. In the modern sense, it refers to literary works that are translated into multiple languages and circulated to an audience outside their country of origin (Wikipedia). World literature can be an amazing tool for analyzing globalization because it provides a wonderful example of the ways that information is shared across languages and cultures. It shows us how information is shared between cultures and nations. It is the best form of understanding a human nature fully and to know a nation completely.
World literature is a perfect tour guide. It can bring us around the world or in different worlds just by reading. It introduces us to many people in different places with different cultures. It teaches or gives us an idea of a certain culture where the said literature piece came from. It helps us understand what daily life is like in other places. It helps us communicate and understand with one another. It shows who we are and what we are, how we deal with things, and how we differ from other people; it shows the perfect reflection of our actions and ways of life.
World literature allows people to learn through other peoples experiences and learn life lessons because we can see through other people’s thoughts and memories. It allows us to share the same experience or dream. But, it also allows us to learn through other peoples mistakes and wins in life. World literature is truly the reflection of life of the human experience.