Within the sorry speech about the stolen

Within the play rainbows end it had been found that Nan dear was possibly apart of the stolen generation due to the fact she said, “they forced us to leave. Forced us to leave Cummergunia” having the viewer to have a rediscovery about what is known about the stolen discovery and to reflect on how it affected Nan dear making the viewer reconsider what had happened during those events. Within Kevin Rudds sorry speech he repeats “mistreatment” and “we are sorry” this helps emphasis the damage the past would have caused aboriginals or torres strait islander people showing a self-discovery where we reflect on past events and reconsider the past.
Within the play Gladys had to get up to speak to a group of people when weeks ago she was illiterate not being about to read or write it had taken her to make a self-discovery and make a change. Showing that she had the ability to read, write and the ability to speak to a group of people in the end this shows that she just had to make that discovery to uncover what is hidden to make that change. When Kevin Rudd was giving the sorry speech about the stolen generation after it had been covered up or forgotten that it had even happened to have the ability to reconsider past events and apologise for what had happened shows that he had made that re-discovery to dig up the past and apologise for what had happen.