WILL it be given to Ravi or


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It has been a hectic day for the Dean of ABC University, Mr Khurana and he has to decide from one among the two professors who has to be promoted to the post of Assistant HoD in the department of marketing Exhibit A. The post has been empty for quite some time and the department needed someone dedicated to fill the shoes of the last assistant HoD. Ravi has always been a hardworking man, but something has come up on him, lately, that changed the way he used to work. He always used to finish his syllabus and work on time and is a strict man too. Though the students had a problem with his strictness, we all need a strict guy around this place, thought the Dean. Ravi seemed to have his goals set to become a better professor and teaching the students has been his passion. The other professor, Samarth is here in the university through reference. But he seems to have bigger plans for himself, rather than being the Assistant HoD or the HoD. He does a fair justice to his job and is hardworking and dedicated too.
So Mr Khurana has to decide by today evening before he leaves for home, whom he should give the promotion to. Should it be given to Ravi or to Samarth? If it is given to Ravi, will he start being serious again?
About Ravi Raj
Ravi was born in a middle class family in Delhi. He has a brother who is elder to him and is doing a fine job as a software engineer. His father is the Dean of a college in Delhi University. He admired his father’s job a lot when he was a kid. His father could see the interest in his child. Whenever he was free his father would take him to the college and make him sit in the library and made him read books and novels. Ravi has always been interested in the field of marketing. The subject amused him, about how the market works, how it could attract the customers and read their mind and how people’s behaviour changes for a product with passing of time. He later got admission into a well renowned college for MBA in marketing. He had written quite a few research papers on the subject of marketing and attended very famous seminars around the country. He got to do his PhD in IIMB under a very good professor where he learned a lot. He got the chance to be a part of a seminar where Philip Kotler was one of the speaker.

Ravi Raj joined the ABC University as a professor in the department of Marketing in 2016. He was happy as he will be getting to be near the subject he loves the most. He is a very dedicated and a hardworking man. He made an impression on other professors through his work and teaching methods. He used to give assignments to students on a weekly basis and keep them busy all the time with the subject. The students found it hard to cope, with the assignments and there were other subjects also to complete. Ravi was strict about his subject. The students complained to the HoD regarding him that he has been teaching the subject really fast and it was hard for them to cope with. Also that he burdens the students with assignments which if they couldn’t finish then Ravi would cut their attendance for 2 lectures. Also that he used to lecture about marketing that was not in the syllabus.
Ravi Raj was once called to the cabin of the HoD. Ravi was shocked to hear negative feedbacks from the students. He didn’t understand where he went wrong. According to him he was teaching right. And according to him that’s how a class should be taken by giving practical examples and by assignments.
Ravi noticed that the students likes the teachers who teaches to the point, with less assignment and lecture on everything related to the syllabus. And those were the professors who would get promotion too. The negative feedback about him kept on coming from different classes which led him to depression. He couldn’t really take the negative feedbacks because he thought he was teaching well and if he taught like the other teachers did, he wouldn’t really do justice the subject.
But as he saw around the organisation and realised he has been too hard on himself and his students. That night at home, he thought to himself that he could loosen down a bit. Maybe if he didn’t attend one or two lectures his students would be happy and get time to study other subjects. Instead he could work on a research paper by himself. Maybe they would start liking him, like they like other professors.
So from the next morning onwards, he stopped giving lectures slowly. Sometimes he would go to the class and open his laptop and would do his paperwork or other days he just would sit on his desk and not go to class at all. He used to send out YouTube video tutorial and asked the students to meet him in case they had a doubt. In middle he used to visit the class to give them the assignments and then he used to give sufficient time for them to complete the work.
The students started giving positive feedback to the HoD regarding Ravi. But for Ravi he was not much happy with how he is doing his job. But getting a promotion would make him happy.

About Samarth
Samarth Singh was born in an upper middle class family where his father was an engineer. He has always been an ambitious guy with will to do many things in his life. He is a state level basketball player, he won many painting competitions and was part of MUN too.
He always wanted to open a start-up of his own. He never really liked working under other people (in an organisation). During his college days also, Samarth wanted to open a small delivery service for the students staying in campus hostels. His idea was that, since the hostel mess closes at 9pm and also the students are not allowed to cook in their room, there should be a delivery service which would run at night till around 2am. But due to constraints, that idea was left like that. After his MBA he worked in 2 start-ups where he learned a lot about the entrepreneur environment and their jobs. But he needed time and money to start his own.
He joined the ABC University as a professor in the department of marketing. He does his job pretty well and is also a part of the marketing club. He has been in the university for a year. He is friendly with the students and gives them free hour too sometimes. He is lenient and doesn’t really care much about attendance or internal marks. Therefore, the students are quite happy with him and gives positive feedback about Samarth.

The Dean has to take lots of things into consideration before coming to a conclusion. Though the students like Samarth, but he seems to have bigger plans for himself and might leave the institute soon. Also, Ravi has been an excellent professor, but something has been up lately which he hopes will pass away soon.
For the post of assistant HoD, one must be hardworking, dedicated and serious with their work.
Motivation could do the work for either of them.