While find balance. In closing, my approach

While our daily college task’s become more demanding deprivation of sleep does affects our health. College life is fast and busy, there are just not enough hours to complete daily tasks. Our memory bank digests information by making mental notes of information received. “Inadequate sleep appears to affect the brain’s ability to consolidate both factual information and procedural memories about how to do various physical tasks.” (Sleep and Memory, A resource from the Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard Medical School Produced in partnership with WGBH Educational Foundation) Consolidation is crucial because it aids ambidexterity alongside daily task to how we channel our memories. Without proper sleep our ability to function or memorize is affected. When we sleep our brain is doing its best work for us to mentally revive.

College students struggle without the key ingredients needed to function their lives daily anywhere from having impaired rest, a stressful class workload to a healthy active lifestyle. Time management and a daily planner would help college students with rest and managing daily task. A well rested body is just as crucial as breakfast it changes our well-being, mental process, together with, our physical performance to find balance. In closing, my approach to college with understanding it can be chaotic. Without rest our way of thinking and level of performance decreases. If your body isn’t resting, your mind isn’t resting therefore, without a sufficient amount of sleep, the help from an adviser in scheduling your workload, along with the right amount of study hours, you will not do well on test or quizzes. For, the key to surviving college is having focus and balance in your work load and rest.

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