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While Bob Ewell did nod not change his unstable, alcoholic and abusive ways, even after his mistakes, Harper Lee demonstrates that some Maycomians did change for the good, even if they were just baby steps.  Good — nice revision. As you write, you may want to make “change for the good” more specific (as you grow in your thinking about what this means exactly)Aunt Alexandra-BeforePg. 169She was bossy to the kids and kind of in a rude wasRacist and thought she was more powerful than calpurniaFirst thing she said was “Stop scratching your head” to ScoutRarely visited the kids-Little interestDressed well, very properpg.170She came because she felt that it would be best if Scout had some feminine influence as she was growing up She was always in control- uncle Jimmy, her husband never said anythingScout does not like herWhy Atticus needs her-“Your aunt’s doing me a favor as well as you all. I can’t stay here all day with you, and the summer’s going to be a hot one.” (317)Aunt Alexandra- AfterWhen Atticus tells Miss Maudie, Calpurnia, Scout and Aunt Alexandra Aunt Alexandra is sad and feels badPuts her hands to her mouth, her voice was shakyShe asks questions because she wants to know the details She says this is the last strawAfter she is told this she sits in quiet, possibly caring”I thought Aunt Alexandra was crying, but when she took her hands away from her face, she was not. She looked weary. She spoke, and her voice was flat.” (315)”I can’t say I approve of everything he does, Maudie, but he’s my brother, and I just want to know when this will ever end.” Her voice rose: “It tears him to pieces. He doesn’t show it much, but it tears him to pieces. I’ve seen him when— what else do they want from him, Maudie, what else?””I mean this town. They’re perfectly willing to let him do what they’re too afraid to do themselves—it might lose ’em a nickel. They’re perfectly willing to let him wreck his health doing what they’re afraid to do, they’re—”Aunt Alexandra makes an effort not to let women know what happendSmiled at Scout- Better parentingShe begins to be somebody Scout can look up to, or try to act like