When to 88 in 2012. The CRPC

When D.C. had imposed a law that would remove guns from any citizens but LEO’s (Law Enforcment Officers) the crime rate for homicides increased rapidly. The CRPC (Crime Prevention Research Center) states that 99% of firearm homicides occur in gun free areas because they wanted to be in a position of power. If people really wanted to reduce the crime rates they would let legal carry people keep there firearms. If the government allowed concealed carry the devencive murders would be outnumber the non defensive murders to 3 million than 500,000 murders. Imagine if those defensive murders didn’t happen and what the toll to the non-defensive murders would be.
In 1976, D.C. imposed a law that banned guns from citizens. For people that owned guns, they were allowed to keep them but had to be disassembled. Based on the statement of Jeffrey Shapiro “the results were not good. Annual homicides rose from 188 in 1976 to 364 in 1988”. The gun ban was removed in the case of District of Columbia v. Heller, causing homicides declines since then to 88 in 2012.
The CRPC stated nearly 99% of mass shootings occur in gun free areas. The terror attack in Orlando and the shooting of Christina Grimmie took place in gun free areas. The reason is that if murderers want to be in a position to commit homicide why not go where there are many as possible. That’s why they target areas where they’re least likely to encounter people that would fight back. This is the reason why people target gun free areas to commit this crime.
If people followed the laws there would be no violence. When people have commited an illegal crime they are a higher risk to do more illegal crimes such as homicide or theft. What’s one law if the person is willing to break all the other laws to get what he wants? With the increase of people owning guns the less homicides occur, so if people really wanted to protect them self’s why put gun restrictions if people know that it won’t work? It is because it puts a false hope into peoples minds that lets them not see what is happening around them.
The number of defensive murders are higher than the ones where there was no defensive firearms involved at all. There were 500,000 to more than 3 million defensive firearm uses in 2013, while also in 2013 there was 11,200 homicides and 414,600 nonfatal uses.
When most people have a bad time they resort to vilonce including homicide. If a bill was implemented to remove guns the criminals would work around it just like with illegal substances. If the people that could legally carry there would be a reduction in crime rates such as what happened in Washinton.