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What does it take to make an effective and strategic communication plan for the community? Our mission is to make our community one of the safes in the nation. We as a department are dedicated to being accountable and open with our community to make the informed and engage them as a valuable asset. Frequently having open communication with the police department promotes trust and cooperation. Communication from the department should show a unified devotions of good morale and a purpose of duty.
The plan for our communication will be broken down into many sections of what our goals are going to be: Internal communications, External communication, Crisis communication, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Future communication possibilities. The main objective of this plan is to promote and simplify communication both internal and external to provide, maintain and support the community by using the correct tools.
Proactive communication is an idea to plan and carry out a program that creates a channel of communication and the tools necessary to maintain our goal. Two – way communication, is where we as a police department not only speak with the community but listen to their responses, both internally and externally to create a well being of those it aids. We must have openness so that all information is handled as public so that both the department and the community can foster trust. We must send positive messages to cultivate an irrefutable and respectful trust for the department among the community. Negative messages are not part of what we are trying to foster with the community, they are not helpful by any means. Misinformation needs to be minimal and corrected as quickly as possible to make sure we promote a positive for our department. We must evaluate and maintain effective communication frequently and evaluate the efficacy of all the tools being used including feedback.
The target group of our plan is to have a working communication plan for the department and the community to work together to make the best choices, have quick response times, and promote positive efforts.
The internal methods that we want to infiltrate into our plan are e – mail, it is very effective and provides the sender the ability of alerting others of vital and important incidents in a suitable and quick manner. A newsletter, to be published weekly, to disseminate information through the department’s email. An intranet phone roster, to have all numbers of the department available at all times. a Chief’s blog, so that he can communicate with the department and give the department answers to important matters at hand.
There will be crime bulletins, press releases, and department memorandums to keep departments informed of changes in policies, procedures, and critical events. Social media will be used to help keep members updated by Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and You Tube. Internal forums to be held for department employees to voice their concerns with the Chief and one – on – one communication to be done daily with all members of the department.
Our means of external communications will be residents, area business owners and employees, social service departments, neighborhood groups, media outlets, government officials, justice system personnel, non – profit organizations, churches, educational institutions, and any other part of the community that is available.
Crisis communication relies on timely an accurate information to be successful and to help inform the community of specific dangers due to criminal activity or exposure to hazardous conditions and situations. They are to be conducted face – to – face, department radios, cell phones, land – line phones, or e – mail. They are designed to help make the public and media aware, so the department can pursue and investigate the event in a timely manner.
There should be evaluations and monitoring to assess the effectiveness and reach of our communication efforts. This will help show progress and what changes are needed to make our ever-evolving plan better and easier to use. Once we find out which methods work most effectively we can alter and tailor them to our specification and our needs.


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