What Digital Marketing Variety of methods are

What is digital marketing and Why? “Digital marketing” is the process of creating and keeping up the customer relationships through online activities to satisfy the goals of both parties.General points to be considered when Planning Digital Marketing1. Know the target audience intimately   Start with the customer   Keep it flexible   Set realistic goals   Keep it Simple! “Jargon light” is best   Keep plans up to date2. Spy on your competitors3. Prioritize Your Digital Tactics and Channels     Company Goals     Budget     Available resources     Available content     Your website– Check if it’s content rich, responsive and designed for conversion optimization.4. For quick wins in Digital Marketing       Variety of methods are available today so it will be better to take a pick ‘n’ mix approach.a. Email Marketing    1. It will helps for email campaign. To collect the email id of visitors in our site we can set a form in our site to encourage people to join or subsribe by filling it.        2. Select the type of campaignsMarketing offer  This may include some latest services we are offering or discounts or special promotions etc..            Announcement          This is an email sent to your subscribers announcing a new product, feature, or            service.b. Search Engine Optimization  On page 1. Keyword Analysis 2. Identify the best keyword 3. Optimize title and description for each website page 4. Check for robot.txt 5. Check for sitemap 6. Check for alt.txt  Off page 1. Link Building 2. Classified submissions  3. Social Bookmarking  4. Directory Submissions  5. Business Listings  6. QUORA submissions  7. Image sharing 8. Video sharing 9. Article submission 10. Info-graphics Submissionc. Search Engine marketing This includes   Pay per click   Google Adwords   Social media adsSteps to be considered while creating an ad1. Goal Setting It is important to set the objective of your campaign. The objective can be brand awareness, lead generation, to increase your website traffic and to increase the sale of your website. 2. Choose PlatformThere are various platforms available for PPC ads like Google, Yahoo, Bing and social media channels like Facebook. Choose wisely your platform and plan your ad campaign strategy, according to it. Google is the most effective and famous platform for PPC campaigns.3. Plan targetingNext step is to plan your ad targeting for your most relevant audience. There are two types of targeting. You can target audience for a specific geographic location and for a specific device type.  4. Keyword ResearchKeyword research is a time consuming and continuous activity. Create your list of core keywords at the time of campaign planning and you should constantly refine and expand your keyword list, low cost and highly relevant keywords. Always remember don’t go for high traffic keywords. Always choose medium traffic keywords.5. Write an effective AD text            An effective ad text consists at least one of your core keyword, attractive discounts and promotion and a             call  to action. Your ad text should be unique and appealing.d. Social media marketing      Always be active on social medias – Daily activities in Social medias (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, Google +, Pinterest, etc..)e. Affiliate MarketingYou can promote your products and services by giving a small commission to the marketers. You should be careful while choosing marketers based on your budget