What are heroes

What are heroes? Heroes are people that battle monsters or bad people to save someone.
Once their quest is over, they learn something new about themselves, or learn new lessons that
they haven’t before. Rick Riordan, the author of The Lost Hero, wrote about three teenagers
who find out that they are demigods. They go on a quest to save Hera. What makes a hero is their
courage and braveness to do what they do. Sometimes heroes do not achieve their tasks, but they
work hard to achieve it and do not give up. So what makes Jason a hero? Jason is a hero because
he has a special weapon only he can handle, has a remarkable birth, and meets monsters.
Jason is a hero because he has a special weapon only he can handle. He pulled out a
golden coin, flipped it, and found out that it can turn into a sword. He used the golden coin to
fight the venti spirits. “He let his instincts take over, flipping the coin in the air like he’d done it
a thousand times. He caught it in his palm, and suddenly he was holding a sword- a wickedly
sharp double-edged weapon,” (Riordan 23) Many more venti spirits kept coming. Jason kept
fighting them, but then finally they left. Jason’s special weapon may come in handy, but also
being a demigod helped Jason.