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We have seen self-driving cars in movies, but it is time for these cars to become reality. Self-driving vehicles are capable of traveling without input from a human operator, by means of computer systems working in conjunction with on-board sensors. Autonomous vehicles are going to change human life with the new technologies that will be present to the world soon. Autopilot is a device for automatically steering ships, aircrafts, and spacecraft; also: the automatic control provided by such a device (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). Autopilot was first offered on October 9, 2014, for Tesla Model S, followed by the Model X upon its release. Autopilot was included within a “Tech Package” option. At that time Autopilot features included semi-autonomous drive and parking capabilities. Now day’s people are divided in two groups about self-driving cars, and this brings in many discussions, but many of them think that self-driving cars are safer for the humanity, they are the better choice for the environment and, autonomous cars will solve traffic problems. People should be supportive and to welcome this technology that will improve our life.
Many people believe that self-driving cars are not reliable; on the other hand there are companies that are showing to the world that self-driving cars are street safe. Self-driving cars will make our life safer, and reduce road accidents. According to World Health Organization “There were 1.25 million road traffic deaths globally in 2013.” Tesla and General Motors have shown to the world safety reports to prove that this new technology is safe for the human society. General Motors developed their vehicles in one of the most complex environments, San Francisco. They wanted to be sure that their vehicles can drive safely even in the most unpredictable circumstances and conditions. General Motors challenged their safety system with specific tests, and received positive results.
Some companies think that this new technology is unnecessary, but the new technology of self-driving cars will make an enormous change to human life. Self-driving cars will be electric and they will contribute to the environment. By using only electric vehicles in the future, we will reduce vehicle emissions. Rather than using normal vehicles, we need to start using electric cars, so we can improve the pollution around the world. According to General Motors self-driving cars will create a better use of time and space for every person that will use this kind of technologies. Moreover these cars will find parking by them self, so people will not lose time for parking.
Although some people think that self-driving cars will increase congestions in cities, this is a wrong opinion because other people think that autonomous cars will not increase the congestion in cities, but in contrary these cars will improve traffic communication. Based on Dr. Hars article “Congestion is not a direct function of the number of vehicles on a road; it depends on driver actions, routes taken, road utilization per vehicle and systems for flow optimization (traffic management systems etc.). If we increase the number of miles driven and keep all other parameters constant, then congestion will certainly increase.” Autonomous cars will have a driving behavior that is different from human driving, their system will be specific and precise, and self-driving cars will never do human driving mistakes. Another point is that self-driving cars will be used in coordination with road space. General motors in their presentation said that self-driving cars will have specific sensors, cameras, and programs that will do exact calculation.
In conclusion, self-driving cars will be a good thing for humanity. This will benefit humans’ by giving them road safety, changes in their life, and a life without traffic. These are some of the points that this essay has discussed, while self-driving car is new and still not a well known technology. According to Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, self-driving cars will hit our roads in a noticeable way until 2040. As a result self-driving cars will give the opportunity to go wherever and whenever a person want, regardless of his health conditions, age or disability.