We The world has witnessed numerous cases

We are all part of a system. We play our role in life and it’s up to us to decide our own fate. We tend to pursue security, realization and acceptance in society. Sometimes however we find ourselves on the wrong path in life and it is in these moments when our conscience takes over. We begin to doubt our actions and in some cases even go through a crisis of moral sense. The decisions we then take are the ones that define us and our characters. Different people would react differently when faced with injustice. Some would neglect and avoid it, and others would try to face it and resolve it. Of course society tends to encourage people who have a high moral sense and are not afraid to act, however what happens when the consequences are severe? Does our sense of conscience remain muted when the price to pay is too high? Whistleblowing or the act of exposing the unethical practices which employers are involved in for the wide public, is something more commonly seen in our modern days. The world has witnessed numerous cases of whistleblowing, some are generally appreciated and may serve as examples of righteousness, and others are often labeled as acts of betrayal and disloyalty. There is a very slight border between when such an act is justified or not, whether the initiator is the hero or the villain. No matter the case, it seems as if the emergence of moral responsibility has completely altered the way corporations do business and is revolutionizing the corporate society.