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we all know that Tata is one of the biggest company in the world it is most ethical companies and it is being recorded more than 3 times for being ethical company Tata Power is a part of a Tata sons and group datapower has many of its Tata Power has many of its plant setup across the state of Indiaone of a plant is set up in Mundra Kutch district Gujarat India this Plant was that was setup for providing power 5 states of India whichare Gujarat Rajasthan Maharashtra Haryana and Punjab this project was started for providing power under the objective of power to all by 2012 this power Plant was going to have coal from Indonesia and water from Gulf of kutch which is near which is near from Kutch. many of the companies have before the power plant but this company was older than hundred years I have a trust of government as well as the people so the government decided to give the project as it was also less costly for the government in year 2006decided to give this project to Tata plant 4 rupees 17 900 crore this company have took a loan of rupees 10159 crore from the bank and remaining of has been called up from the equity paid up of rupees 6083 croremore than 16 million of people were going to get power from this power hub in the year 2008 the Tata decided to own a coal mine in Indonesia so that the old would be easily and cheaply available and the power cost would be reduced in India so it on the coal mine in Indonesia but due to the changes of law in Indonesia Indonesia government save that to import of gold to other country we need to pay the international prices on the current basisTata try to increase the tariff for the power but this was rejected by the supreme court so in the year 2012 and 13 all the five plants with setup and started providing power to the power state as per the need Tata knew that it would be a lost project for it but it stayed on its words are in the first year it has a loss of rupees 500 Crore which was more and the subsequent year it has more losses which is bore by the Tata plant Tata plant could not backup from this project because this has a contract with the government that it will stay for 25 years in this Mundra state only and provide electricity to the five different state what are even try to sell its 51% of the stakeholders shipto the Gujarat so that it it can raise funds and can be only a provider of A copper not the owner of the power but this was also rejected by the supreme court as its the company which have to provide the power this 51% of the stakeholders shape was to be provided for the rupees 1 each of the holder the company is slowly and gradually trying to make profit from the other plants so that it can compensate towards the it but still the power plant is making the lossand which is more and more.