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Walt Disney The Beginning Of Disneyland (Rough Draft)”We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” Quoted by the famous Walt Disney. Who was Walt Elias Disney? Does Mickey Mouse ring a bell? Well Walt Elias Disney was an innovative animator, he created cartoon character Mickey Mouse, he won over 22 Academy Awards during his lifetime and here is the beginning of his adventure.Walt Disney was a Entrepreneur and a producer. Walt Disney was born out of Hermoso, Chicago, on December 5th, 1901. Son of Elias Disney and Flora Call Disney,  brother to Herbert, Ray, Roy, and his only sister Ruth.  When he was four he and his family moved to Marceline, Missouri, where there was a farm. Walt, as a adult, described himself as being happy as a child and eventually he had developed an interest in drawing, from aunt and a retired doctor that so happened to be his neighbor. After a while of living in Macelien, his family had to relocate, to Kansas City,  because Walt’s father couldn’t make a sufficient living; because of that, he sold their farm in 1910. After Walt’s father purchased a newspaper route he helped his father with newspaper deliveries for 6 years in 1917. Now, Walt’s father has sold the newspaper route and they’ve moved back to the home sweet home, Chicago.There his father got employed at a jelly and fruit juice company. At this time Walt was 16 years old and dropped out of school. At this point in time Walt went back to Kansas City, because when he dropped out of school he joined the Red Cross. This all happened during the time of World War I. Now, usually most people who join anything that has to do with the military forces you have to be a least 17, and Walt was only 16 at this time. He was able to get into the Red Cross because he forged his birth certificate. When he moved back he was hoping that he could become newspaper cartoonist, but he created advertisements for magazines, movie theaters, and became interested in animation.He opened the Laugh-O-Gram, his very first film studio, in 1922 for a very short period of time only because he wasn’t financially supported. 1923, still the same year, he moved to Hollywood and there he set up the Disney Brother Studio. In 1927, Walt and Roy produced enough animations of Oswald and Lucky Rabbit to start making a series. Roy and Walt was best known for their productions of motion pictures companies, but that next year they lost his rights to the creation and created the famous innovative animated cartoon character that was first named Mortimer Mouse, but later on was known as ‘Mickey Mouse’. Mickey Mouse was first introduced in 1928 in the short film “Steamboat Willie”, which was his official debut. He also produced propaganda films for the U.S. government during World War II. He was also a part of the buffers-and-chain coupling system, used on the railway systems of many countries, among them most of those in Europe, for attaching  railway vehicles to one another. In other words he was a train buff. Who would’ve thought that the famous filmmaker had a long fascination with trains. Later on in 1940s, after moving into Holmby Hills, his new hometown, a one-eight steam locomotive was built. Disneyland, home of its own railroad since 1955, reflected Walt’s passion for trains. During 1953, his plans for Disneyland gradually grew more ambitious, so he hired a research firm to find the optimal southern California location. Finally Disneyland was going to merge into action and it did in on July 17, 1954. While one side of Disneyland was going good, the other side didn’t have much, amazement. It was unfinished, gas leaks in the Fantasyland. This area just wasn’t safe quite yet, so it unfortunately had to be closed down. The amazing imagination of Walt’s image of his Disneyland development put a smile on his face, he even said he enjoyed spending time at park and the apartment he had there. Walt  Disney never gave up no matter what, just because he failed his first attempt didn’t mean his failure, he just found another way around it. Walt Disney always said “If you can dream it, you can do it”. So next time you have a dream of you making an attempt to reach your goal are you just going to say “it was just a dream” or “it’s my destiny”?