Value from Development of International Business Opportunity PAGEREF

Value of Maori Heritage in New Zealand EconomyFollowing the Internal Assessment via American Psychological Association`s Guidelines
Soakai Vea
Tupou Tertiary Institute.

Author Note
Soakai Vea Department of Business, Tupou Tertiary Institute.

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This research was supported via the Sample Grant Program.

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AbstractThis paper explores generosity on results from research on Businesses in New Zealand with the environment of New Zealand, conducted by certain pioneers Te Taura Whiri I Te Reo Maori, Whanau- Moana Rarere, Tuti Nikora, and Dr. Brennan Allen with respect to certain pioneers. These pioneers, however, vary in definitions how the culture, heritage, language, environment of Maori benefits New Zealand in Businesses so their significance concerning the agreement of Treaty of Waitangi so therefore offer different results. This paper focus on businesses in New Zealand with Maori contribution in relation to other waves of contribution to suggest cultural identity of an IWI (tribe) and HAPU, (sub-tribe) benefitting the foundation of business, to fully understand why New Zealand is in a such a huge competitor in world economy.

Keywords: tribe, sub-tribe.

Value of Maori Heritage in New Zealand EconomyNumerous studies express on certain facets of Maori contribution to New Zealand economy, strictly focus on businesses in New Zealand, its environment, the culture, heritage, language, benefits and the morality of business opportunities internationally. However, results are suggested within this research in terms of Maori aspects contribution to what New Zealand Economy is today with conceptual and theoretical development of framework.

Heading 1
A New Zealanders comes from extraordinary pioneers who explored, settled and traded throughout the Pacific. Embarking on their journey before the birth of Christ, when other peoples were not venturing far from visible land, our tipuna used advanced celestial knowledge to guide them over ten million square miles of ocean. For a thousand years now, New Zealanders have been at the helm of one of the greatest stories of migration in the history of the world. Whether they came on the first waka from Hawaii, a NZ company boat in the late 1800s or the latest flight landing at Auckland international- our ancestors prevailed against incredible odds, and did so with bravery, wisdom and kotahitanga, unity.All our ancestors and families were explorers and entrepreneurs: the ultimate project managers with a strategic plan who settled the biggest ocean on earth and produce a nation that in 2012 is increasingly seen as the best place to live in the planet.
More and more of our Maori organisations are significant contributors to the New Zealand economy. Ngai Tahu is the South Island’s largest company and Treaty of Waitangi settlements continue to provide a platform for tribal and Maori led growth. Aotearoa has unique aspects of culture with Te Reo Maori and Tikanga Maori and other, but I concentrate on this unique aspect only.

Te Reo Maori fits to the land and water of Aotearoa. It is embedded within thousands of years of profound and multifaceted of history in which Maori identity has been coated. Its tales cross time extents from the coming of Maori to these lands to the modern encounters of uttered message into a wider replicated and technical space. Te Reo Maori is intimately related to corporeal and mystical wellbeing inspiring those who are moved by its range. Sustaining Te Reo Maori is not without trials. Years gone by of underinvestment, institutional discrimination and the artifacts of colonization has directed the decaying of speakers. This has influences! To support Te Reo Maori in an increasing competition and worldwide environment, so there is a need to make it clear the role of Te Reo Maori in diverse aspects of Aotearoa including economic measurement. The agreement of Treaty of Waitangi taking responsible for protection and conserving Te Reo Maori (Waitangi Tribunal, 2011). However, the language must beyond the government authority, so Te Reo Maori language, need to play a role in either creating demand for private sector or for Te Reo Maori goods and services to meet this demand (Te Puni Kokiri, 2014b). “…it is a matter of national pride and identity for all New Zealanders. Everybody wins when the Maori language thrives” (Waitangi Tribunal, 2011, p. 161) Kapa Haka is an example that makes significance contribution to global scale. It has economic implications, social, and cultural (Pihama, Tipene, ; Skipper, 2014). Although we are alert of the effects of several Maori imagery in creation and marketing New Zealand’s economic identity, no complete standard takes of those goods and services and works that includes Te Reo Maori and culture. I have personally witnessed how New Zealand connections transcend language barriers and how deep relationships can be forged based on an exposure of foundation. I have seen how Maori culture opens doors in markets, such as goods and services, and paves the way for Maori business and commercial success.

Heading 21Our heritage, our courage, our culture, our ability to unite people as one: this is the edge that we as New Zealanders have over the rest of the world. This “edge” is our competitive advantage in the international market. Kohitahitanga is what “NZ Inc” is all about. Nz Inc is where all New Zealanders- across government and the private sector – are working in a collective and collaborative way to ensure greater success, particularly in the way we operate or interact. We must have a united front. I have personally witnessed how cultural connections transcend language barriers and how deep relationships can be forged based on a cultural foundation. I have seen how Maori culture opens doors in Asian markets, such as china, and paves the way for Maori business and commercial success. New Zealanders up and down the country welcomed the world, to our marae, our towns, our tribal regions. New Zealanders- pakeha, maori, pasifika, Asian, stood as one people with pride. Waka Maori proved what can be achieved when we combine our traditional knowledge, our cultural attractions, and our business acumen. Kotahitanga: iwi, Maori business, local communities and government all working together. When the world looked to NZ last year, what did they find out? – They found out that a New Zealander was a Maori. A New Zealander was pakeha. A New Zealander was Hindu. A New Zealander was Samoan. A New Zealander was Tongan.

Heading 3. New Zealand is tiny on the world stage, especially when we consider international markets such as China and India. Every developed nation around the world is competing to enter these markets that are emerging as the new global powers of the 21st century. It is vital that New Zealand has a coordinated approach to our engagement with these nations. We also need to be unique. We need a value proportion that our larger competitors don’t have. That value proportion is Maori. Maori have so much to bring to the Nz Inc table. Worth nearly $37 billion in 2010, the Maori economy is a commercial powerhouse within the New Zealand economy. Overseas markets and international visitors to New Zealand, are increasingly receptive to the cultural distinctiveness inherent in indigenous products and services. Maori goods and service are unique. Not just the design the materials, but in the way, we do business.

Our business includes partnerships with government, private companies and overseas investors. Maori businesses and entrepreneurs are working together both domestically and internationally on major economic initiatives. Maori business nationwide was central to the official Rugby World Cup business club making up 15 percent of participating companies. As a result, iwi and Maori business leaders brokered a series of business relationships with stakeholders including international investment companies, agricultural multinationals, African leaders and global airlines.

This business work took place throughout Aotearoa but there was also a need to ensure our tribes, business, artists, and people had a place of mana on the Auckland waterfront during the biggest event this country has ever hosted. Not to do so would have been huge, wasted opportunity. Increasingly it is overseas tourists and business people that are validating just how important Maori culture is to NZ reputation internationally. Not only it is important to have an NZ Inc approach to overseas markets, but we must also take the same approach here in Auckland. Unfortunately, Maori have sometimes been considered an after-thought, or even a risk to be managed, when NZ is hosting an international event. Waka Maori and the Rugby World Cup strategy proved otherwise. Nz as a whole can achieve greater success when we utilise our Maori culture, our Maori businesses, our Maori people. I have personally witnessed how cultural connections transcend language barriers and how deep relationships can be forged based on a cultural foundation. I have seen how Maori culture opens doors in Asian markets, such as china, and paves the way for Maori business and commercial success.

Heading 5. Concerning of it people the Maori, they are the indigenous people of New Zealand, within any participants concerning of Maori society, a marae is form for a spiritual and cultural life of a Maori.

A marae means a square zone for meeting house and dining room, in facts we can see how they greet one another through face-touching without hand shaking as normal to other cultures. For example, when waka Maori performs at the waterfronts and around the street led to get the attention of non-Maori people for lifetime experience.

The haka, this means is a war description, this is clear as many had seen haka is being performed as a combat challenge to rivals. Mainly the phrase means dance. Linking to the biggest event held in New Zealand the Rugby World Cup, tourist and teams, players are greeted with various indigenous culture in terms of doing a haka and modern identity of a Maori for a once in a lifetime experience in Aotearoa.
Fishing up an Island, Aotearoa is defined by the legend of Maui. Maui is a God with humongous strength rich with stories and tales concerning of his time. This God was a rude trickster who succeeded among other things. However, his prime entitlement to fame was fishing up Island for example he North Island, in which it describes the fishing of Maui (Te ika a Maui). The geographic view the North Island it resembles as a fish. Maori examines the South Island as Maui’s waka (canoe) and Rakiura is the anchor. The indigenous people of New Zealand believe that the far North is the tail of the fish and wellington harbor is the mouth.
The Long Pathway (Te Araroa)- The long path is Aotearoa’s new hiking area, with thousands of kilometers that goes through Cape Reinga, northern most point, to the tips of southern island at Bluff. Going thru the trial, you can discover the Pacific Ocean, rivers, mountains, lakes, valleys, volcanoes with hunter free which means no bears, snakes, and so on in facts hikers have nothing to worry about.
Hobbiton, this is concern to the Lord of the Ring fans where Hobbits movie set which take place near Matamata on the North Island. The Hobbits: however, an unexpected journey however ended up filming in New Zealand, leaving more hobbits hole for tourists for viewing like never. In going to this location had the experience and vision that you are participated in the movie through your imagination.

The Sky Tower, Auckland sky city is the highest free-standing structure in the southern Hemisphere. Whereas Dinner at top level and if you want to take it up to another level, you can skywalk around the tower or do a sky jump off besides the tower if however, if you do want to take it to an extraordinary experience.

New Zealand Classic Wine Trial, this has a hundred of kilometers of long self-driving which concealments sides of South and North Islands, of growing wines. Don’t worry about lost because there is signs and routes with the graphic of grapes on the way to lead you to your destination and back. Tourists mostly hire bicycle for touring which is much more experience with wine lovers.

The climate, which it somehow gets hot uncertainly, but the insider area or place can be too cold. Certain places part cold and sunny at the same time with definite cool climate, and somehow a bit windy and cold. The climate often express the cool and fresh air New Zealand have.

The coast, referring to swimming around the New Zealand coast with penguins, seals, watching whales and dolphins with it awesome sand and beaches shorelines which demonstrate how beautiful and nice of New Zealand is, concerning of sand and it windy air.

Farmland, this means the land being covered for farming and chopping fruits and vegetarians. Often certain plants had season growth for example the asparagus only grows in cool weather if it too cold expect getting a half a bin and a full bin if lucky. Seasonal fruits like Kiwi are mostly good and nice on cold weather for further businesses in relation to farming, New Zealand have heaps of farmland for doing business with the greenness of the country.

A land of contrast, this refers to New Zealand which lies through the Pacific Ocean which has a variety of volcanic coral often makes it difficult to understand in terms of its climate and environment its coolness, which its spectacular in comparison to other islands no wonder why New Zealand is the number one country in terms of climate and environment.

Fauna, this concern of the modern birds and mammals of New Zealand somehow is decaying by human resources and others. New Zealand where a Land of birds because of its air, its environment, the climate which varies definitions of its greenness which makes the bird comfortable in its environment.

Sustaining Dairy Milk contributes to the pollution of water and the environment, for maintaining dairy farm land however increase in significant in terms of the amount of water in rivers and lakes, with further development of dairy farming however without controlling the water amount in dairy farming may led to pollute the environment and impacts the climate in facts which New Zealand are constantly sustaining the greenness of the country for future advantage.

Continuing to do so of sustaining dairy milk will badly affects the climate and environment the greenness of New Zealand because of its popular around the World known of it great climate and environment will somehow led to decay it famous golden environments. Without limit of water use for land farming will affect climate change and various acts of pollution which affect the environment and its unacceptable by private sectors (dairy, shops) and companies because of the long running of producing goods and services the Dairy Milk.

Heading 5. Tikanga means values of traditional rules for directing rules and laws. Mainly culture and style of Maori. The values of tikanga Maori puts on framework of how individuals as Maori deals with property. The Property Act 1976 describe the property entitlement to Maori, like the political parties’ view, the land is recovered back to the iwi, the iwi should not have any rights to block any area of such a national environmental need. Controversial of Treaty of Waitangi often makes it difficulties about the mother land chiefs and iwi have been protested according to the articles written or the agreement. There have been differences relating to the Waitangi Tribunal between iwi and the British crown until the Treaty of Waitangi settlement as we saw land are return to Maori and further cash. The Chopper tours proposal concerning to fly thousands of tourists to discover fauna and flora which are sole to New Zealand in facts cautiously admits by certain kaumatua (Maori-elder) that introducing of humans to this area will get an innovation to destroy this unique area of the country which it cannot be replaced. Their relationship is about the Maori claiming Right and Property owned with sacred area with unique aspects and important to Maori identity.

Cultural awareness is the evolving of perception and understanding of another ethnic parties/group, it includes inner identity changes in terms of behavior and importance. This however complement through knowledge of the culture (Adams, 1995). If you realize your particular tradition and culture as well as the others and be alert of their reaction and with your reaction in terms of understanding tradition of one another however varies definition considering your identity interaction with others for suitable and safer for every particular values and tradition. Cultural value dimension represents Femininity and Masculinity which means gaining success and qualities in terms of money and other obligation and govern practice of quality of life are valued referring to the study these concerns relates to the Treaty of Waitangi which represent accountability in honor of the mother land and acquiring land from iwi often demonstrate quality of life to be valued for the indigenous people.

Concerning of the success and implementation of natural resources referring to the study however examines sustaining the green and clean of the environment and somehow very important to Maori in terms of their tradition and culture in facts looking forward to the unforeseen able future with the upcoming generation. For example, Minerals from New Zealand Petroleum ; Minerals for like gold and coal which New Zealand is rich in minerals which this resource is important to the New Zealand economy. The study relates to the proposal made concerning to deliver thousands of tourist over unique areas of Maori for exploring but often protest by kaumatua (elder) because they had the idea of introducing human beings to this areas or zones which drives them to think of doing business and however delegates the area with pollution and dissolution.

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