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Unexpected pregnancy in teens creates socioeconomic issues in the mother, and the father of the child, if he is involved in raising the child. One major affect on the mother is a loss of education. Many teenagers who become pregnant end up dropping out of school because they miss too many classes due to feeling sick or simply because of the way it makes them feel when they get looks from other students (“Pros and cons,”). The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy reports that only 38 percent of teens that have a child before age 18 have a high school diploma (“Teen pregnancy, poverty,” 2010). This then leads to financial issues because they do not have the education to qualify for a well paying job. Children are expensive to raise, and as the teen mother and in some cases, the father, attempt to buy all the items the baby needs, they usually run into some money problems. Because of the lack of job opportunity due one or both of the parents dropping out of school, this ultimately leads to financial instability in the parents and the child growing up in poverty. Studies show that there is a 67 percent chance that a child will grow up in poverty if the mother gave birth as a teen, the parents were unmarried when the child was born, and the mother did not receive a high school diploma or a GED (“Teen pregnancy, poverty,” 2010).