TV media is like a sharp knife that

TV media is like a sharp knife that can be used and misused, so it is harmful. Over-watching television has become a major feature of our time. Many families spend long hours in front of the television, especially children watching the thousands of satellite channels that are broadcasted through dozens of satellites, until television become a source of extreme addiction. The impact of television on children is very clear through their behavior towards themselves or towards others around them. The negative impact of television, the most important are: weight gain and other diseases, exposure to violence and fear, and loss of time.One of the causes of obesity in children is spending most of the time in front of the television screen for one hour or more a day. This may put them at risk of gaining weight, specifically children under age of 8 years. One hour spent in front of a television may increase the risk of weight gain by 52% and raise the risk of childhood obesity by 71%. Immoderate tv viewing has been related to a variety of destructive health and behavioral effects such as weight problems and overweightness, which in turn may additionally purpose accelerated risk of chronic diseases inclusive of cardiovascular sickness, diabetes and other metabolic illnesses. (Morowatisharifabad, Karimi, & Ghorbanzadeh, 2015). Thus, all these problems can eliminate the childhood and eliminate normal life. Moreover, Parents ‘attitudes to everyday life have an impact on younger children. Parents’ views of TV ads promoting a food product have a direct impact on young children. They often accept to buy ready-to-eat and fast foods as an alternative to healthy food preparation and cooking at home, which makes the children health have many problems and disease. There are some kids who like to watch television by sitting very close to it. They do not like to leave this show. Many children like to watch television in the dark, and they think they simulate the cinemas, but if we come to it in terms of health, this makes the eyes suffer stress and may occur as a headache and if it increases the severity of it may cause weakness in the eyes.  Watching television in the dark makes the eyes focus only on the TV all the time. The screen is fluctuating according to the image that is displayed in a strong or weak way. This leads to stress, especially if the eyes are not healthy, but if there is another source of light this change will be less.TV plays an important role in spreading violence in people societies where children are exposed to a multitude of violent messages through the media. whether through movies, ads or video games, as well as the current political events that grab people interest and attention and almost encircle there everywhere they go, so that TV and satellite channels are competing to display many scenes of violence from killing, burning and vandalism, and may cause the tension of viewers, especially children who spend a lot of time in front of the television. There is a study shows that “Media violence is especially damaging to young children (under age 8) because they cannot easily tell the difference between real life and fantasy. (Berger, 2012). According to author, anything that a child sees or thinks of repeatedly or normally drowns in his subconscious mind which is created according to the nature of his thoughts. For example, an ogre is seen as a real thing in the forest, And the truth is that it does not exist. Although, some children’s programs help children to learn, but sometimes children are watching adult programs that filled with scenes of violence, unchecked television viewing of children causes their sensitivity to violence, so that children are unable to distinguish between real violence and virtual violence on television.Because of the horrific scenes on television, blood, dead, weapons, and ghosts, all this gives the child a sense of fear that is repeated and sometimes permanent and deprives him of the safety he deserves to enjoy. Children presence in front of this screen constantly makes them believe in its nature and that it is inevitable to gain influence on his future career and personality, which is affected by the sense of double character and psychological contract repeated, which also develop negative qualities such as hatred and love of revenge. Three main things cause fear for children: when they see someone who is hurting others, see people has been or is being harmed, or seeing a defenseless child as unprotected. (Cantoe,2012). This results in his inability to cope with others and his inability to solve the life problems he faces from time to time, all because of his rumble to the television shows, in which he sent various diseases, different health, psychological, social and others.What is displayed on the television from children’s programs and the accompanying temptations and adventures and stories of imagination and other things that fascinates the child’s mind. and vision has succeeded in robbing many of the times of children, especially in those first years where the child’s mind grows. The authors said that “television leads to a sensory bombardment that produces a series of orienting responses that interferes with cognition and reflection. As a result, children cannot process television content and therefore cannot learn from it” (Kirkorian, Wartella, & Anderson, 2008). this means that most of tv shows are just for losing time not for learning something. Equally important, children can exposure to attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity, which make a child unable to control his actions, making him unable to concentrate and distract.To conclude, spending most of the time in front of the television for more than one hour and just eat will lead to obesity. Children sitting very close near to television and that can hurts their eyes. Also, violence that shows on television affect children behavior. Furthermore, blood, dead, weapons, and ghosts, .