Translating reading? The more students read the better

Translating Reading (English Text) into own dialect Strategy
How can we get students interest in reading? The more students read the better reader they become. But this is not enough to know if the students really understand the meaning of the text. In order for them to become a good reader they have to deeply understand the words. As future educator how can we promote reading and make our students deeply understand it? One of the strategies that is effective to use by the teacher is Translating Reading (English text) into own dialect. Well, we live in a country with different tribes with different language. Students are more likely to engage in reading especially when they really understand the passage. The more students understand, the more they interact, participate and take part in class discussion. This strategy is teacher directed because teachers are the facilitator in reading. They should be flexible enough to meet the need and interest of the students. Reading while translating with the language use of the students is more effective to meet their interest to read. This strategy is an effective way to make the students know the meaning of each word translated. It is also unique to be implemented because it is one of the issues concern in the remote areas especially those who have different language use.

1.) Students will understand each word with translation.
2.) Students are interested to listen during reading.
3.) Students will know the word translated and its meaning in their own dialect.
4.) Students will understand easier the passage.
5.) The students will have a clear understanding about the book they are reading.

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1.) Teacher should be well prepared in the discussion.
2.) Teachers should translate the text in student’s dialect.
3.) Teachers facilitate each student to clarify if the students following him or her.
4.) The teacher make the students read the text by sentence and let them share their ideas about they read and let them translate it.
5.) Allowing students to express their ideas in their dialect.