Today the leadership team. Now let me

Today is the time of year that people in the school vote for people who want to try out to be part of the leadership team of 2019. I, Sylvia Nguyen would like to tell you why I would want to be a school captain. Being apart of the leadership team would be awesome and would feel like i have accomplished a main goal i have been wanting to do.

Now, what does a school captain do to be an actual school captain? Let me tell you. Everyone and myself of course who are trying out to be part of the leadership, needs to be loving and caring, confident and a trustworthy candidate in order to be part of the leadership team. Now let me tell you why I would want to be a school captain.

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I would want to try something I have never done before. I have never really tried out for anything, besides PSSA, but I never made it in…so this is my first time trying out something good for the school that I could possibly make it in instead of going against about 100 KIDS JUST TO GET IN A TEAM. If I do become part of the leadership team, then it makes me feel like I want to try out more things and give it a try to encourage myself to get out of my comfort zone, because who knows you might actually do well or make it in on what team or group you wanted to try out in.

I am a responsible person and a good role model for kids who have just started or being new in this school. I am responsible by helping my teacher and following the school rules. Everyone can follow the school rules right? Well I can. How am I a good role model? I help people, follow the rules, clean the school, try out things that are out of my comfort zone, pretty much all the things a responsible person would do to the school. As for being a good role model, I am willing to help someone who is new here to fit into our school. I am happy with my achievements and is willing to do anything else to make the school a better’ll probably hear that phrase many times today.

My third reason is that I have a positive, kind personality. I am confident in myself when I tell myself that it does not matter what people say as long as I try my best. No one can stop you from doing what you want to do. I have a positive personality when I am with my friends, and pretty much everyone in this wonderful school. When I see someone sad or alone, I go to them to try brighten their day by asking them if they want to play with me or ask them some jokes or something that will make them laugh. Even my friends say compliments about me which means the are saying I am a nice person.

Since I am running out of time, I will quickly tell you my last and final reason, I am very organised in my life. How am i organised you may ask? I always finish my schoolwork and homework in time, I come to Choir practice in time, which means I know when it starts and I always get ready for upcoming events. People who are in or going to be in the leadership team, must know their schedule. If they don’t know, then they will be late for meetings or something really important they cannot miss.

I would like to say that you should vote for the people who you really think will be able to be a school captain, not your friends. Thank you.