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To improve this piece of data it needs to be from a source more reliable and maybe more up to date.  Another piece of data that I have collected through the use of the method of the internet is the market size, growth and structure of the coffee industry. This gives my friend the idea that of how big the size of the coffee industry as and if they should or should not join the coffee industry.  This affects the market objective as the data collected will help be able to attract the customer’s as it helps my friend gain info on the customer’s wants and needs. The fact that the method does help meet the marketing objective of the customer’s wants and needs.  The only way to improve the pieces of data that is collected through the internet is that some sources can be less subjective and bias. The final method that I had used was competitor reports this was used to collect several pieces of data. Firstly I used the method to collect competitor reports about the company of Starbucks. The data that was collected would help my friend as I have collected data on their sales mix to inform my friend on the sale percentages on how much percentage of their products they sale each year. As Starbucks is one of the most popular coffee shops in the UK, therefore, will give my friend the idea of what customers usually get therefore my friend can sell these products. I also used this method to collect data about the company of Costa I had found data from company reports about the size of costa in the UK and the amount of customers in the UK. This will help inform my friend about the size of a big rival like costa and the nature of their customers when it comes to Costa and how many customers they have. Therefore showing how big of a competitor costa is, giving my friend the idea of how much of a threat they are to their business.  However, the limitations of this method of collecting data are through the fact that it is a secondary market research method to collect data is that the source is not as reliable as first hand data that can be collected. In my opinion I think that to be able to improve this secondary research   Overall the method was effective as it gives my friend the insight on other competitors in the coffee industry that may be a viable threat to the existence of my friends coffee stall, therefore, giving my friend the strengths and weaknesses of these business that are rivals to them to be able to gain customers from them.