To make an educational intervention geared toward encouraging at-risk youth to become civically engaged and to address high school drop-out rates in Quebec and North America, a mobile media art curriculum was developed to engage students academically, develop their level of civic engagement, and help them graduate from high school. The curriculum consisted of visual arts and used mobile media to target high school drop outs who had returned to an Adult Education Centre in Quebec. The program was named MonCoin, which means ‘My Corner’ in French. The authors defined civic engagement as involvement in community service, collective action, politics, and social change. Keeping this definition in mind, the program’s main activity is taking pictures of the neighborhood with a specific question in mind, ‘How would I make this neighborhood better?’. Its hope is that students use visual arts to gain a sense of empowerment and articulate areas in need of change. The authors also discuss the need to “reconsider what civic engagement means and how the salient qualities of visual arts can be used to engage at-risk youth with their education (2016, p. 212).”