To pursue a career in this profession, I

To answer the question in the title, one could use the system put together by the CIPD, known as the CIPD Professional Map as seen in the slide above. Its purpose”…sets out the required underpinning skills, behaviour and knowledge.” (CIPD, 2018) The map’s layout is set out like;
Core behaviours; Insights, Strategy and Solutions and Leading HR which is stated to be at the heart of HR professionals success regardless of role, location or level of the individuals career.
Area no. 2 shows whether and how I can demonstrate my knowledge and understand this core area, personal knowledge and skills related to the leadership of personal development of human resources. I’m looking for feedback and I’m coaching myself to learn and continually develop as a professional. Using the human resources process as required for my own CPD as an HR worker but wanting to develop and specialize in this area to be able to pursue a career in this profession, I attended human resources courses in 2008 and now I’m looking for a CIPD Foundation certificate level.