This Agriculture, Foods and Beverage, Handicrafts, Cosmetology, Home

This study aimed to look at the adequacy of the Instructional Materials used in Teaching TLE as Perceived by the 4th year BSE TLE Students. This study was revealed that there are available instructional materials for all the areas in the TLE program and there is enough classroom and space that utilized for placement of instructional tools, machine and equipment. The overall mean shows that there is an inadequate instructional material in relation to the number of students enrolled. Technology and Livelihood Education is a program that can equips learners with knowledge and information, skills and process, right work values and life skills in the field of Home Economics, Computer Aided Design, Carpentry, Clothing Construction, Electricity and Electronics, Agriculture, Foods and Beverage, Handicrafts, Cosmetology, Home Nursing, Industrial Arts, Agri-Fishery Arts, and Information Communication Technology (ICT), (K to 12 Toolkit). This study used the descriptive research which aims to find out the adequacy and effectiveness of the instructional materials that being used. In choosing the respondents the researchers use the purposive sampling method. The results of this study shows that it helps to carry out the achievement of the students that this material may suit the needs of the curriculum for the betterment of the course.