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This is how to increase the smart phone’s performance6. BackUp Data And ResetOn the off chance that You Think Your Phone Totally Slow Down On Its Performance You Can Try to do a FACTORY RESET  To Increase The Performance. BUT Before Resetting The Phone You Should BackUp Your Data Before Proceeding. 2. Use Inbuilt LauncherMost Of The Andriod Users don’t Like Or Use The Inbuilt Mobile Launcher. Offcourse They Use Some Of The Apps Which Come’s With High Ended Features Which Drain Battery Fast And Reduces The Performance Of Mobile Phone. For Better Experience, You Can Try  Nova Launcher, Google Now Launcher, Microsoft Launcher Which Uses Less RAM. 3. Use Facebook Lite Instead Of  FacebookFacebook Is One Of The Top Most  popular Social Media Site In The World with Around 1 Billion  Users . As We Know That Every SmartPhone owner uses This App . Be that as it may, Facebook Is One Of The Main Reason For Slowing Down Or Reducing The Performance Of SmartPhone Which Drains Battery Fast. You Can Try Facebook Lite App For Better Experience. 5. Don’t Use Antivirus AppsAs I Can Say That There Is No Need to Any Antivirus App For Our Mobile Phone. On the off chance that You Feel Insecure You Can Use Inbuilt Security App Like Smart Manager For ( SAMSUNG ), Mi Security For ( Xiaomi ) Mobiles and so on… .4. Use Only Chrome For BrowsingAs We Said Above On Above Topics For Every SmartPhone There Is An Inbuilt Browsing Apps Like For Samsung ( Samsung Internet ), xiaomi ( Mi Browser ) and so on…, As We Can See Google Chrome Is An Inbuilt Or Default Browsing App For Some Of The Smart Phones. Google Chrome Is One Of The Best Apps For Browsing In Smart Phones  Which Comes With a Features Like POP – UP BLOCKER, Data Saver And Many More. 1. Don’t Use Live WallpapersWe May See That Most Of The SmartPhone Users Are Using Live Wallpapers In Their, cell phones. That Reduces The Performance Of the SmartPhone and Drains Battery Fast. On the off chance that You Are Using An Old Mobile Phone With Configuration Of Less RAM With Old Processor Can Totally Smash Your Mobile Phone Within a Months Without Any Doubts… So It’s Better To Use Normal Wallpapers To Make SmartPhone Free And Faster.