There who really loves being spanked doesn’t want

There is so much BDSM equipment out there, that even I am unsure off what it all is. Everyone knows about ropes, ball gags, handcuffs, blind folds, whips, and paddles. Today I am going to tell you about some more equipment I am sure you would love to try out and some that are a bit on the extreme side and more for people who know what they are doing and really want some pain.First let’s talk about spanking. Ever feel like you want to spank someone but your bare hand just isn’t giving a harsh enough punishment. But you don’t like how impersonal the feel of a paddle or whip is? A simple pair of leather gloves can make the spanking harsher to your naughty little one’s bottom. You can even get leather mittens so there is no gap of relief between the fingers. Maybe this still doesn’t do enough for you and you want welts on that bare bottom you can get a spanking glove. There are many types, but most have a padded palm that has a bit of extra weight to make the blows harder. These spanking gloves can be hard or soft. They can have smooth surfaces or bumps. You could even get a spanking glove that has fur on it, because you never know you might want to stroke a burning bright red bottom with some fur after you bad little one took their punishment as a reward.There is one type of spanking glove that is not for average players. Most people who really loves being spanked doesn’t want blood to be involved just bright red bottoms and possibly red welts on the skin. For a few though, they want that spanking to give them enough damage to break the skin and cause bleeding. For these people there is a spanking glove called the vampire glove. It is a leather spanking glove that is lined with spikes that actually puncture the skin while the naughty one is being punished. It can give a wonderful release with all that pain rushing through your body. But again, be careful only use this glove if you know you can handle or want that much pain, and your mommy knows what she is doing so you don’t get unnecessary damage to your body. Spankings are a good punishment, but should still be fun for everyone involved.That was just spanking with your hand, that doesn’t even start to touch on the many types of paddles and whips out there. All with varying degrees of pain, damage, and enjoyment for the people spanking and being spanked. Next week I will talk to you all about these methods of spankings. Starting with a simple wooden paddle. But remember you don’t have to invest in any really expensive equipment for a good spanking. A simple paddle hair brush works just as well as any custom made spanking paddle and I know you can get one at the dollar tree.