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There are various theoretical premises for the cultural care theory. Leininger featured in 2002 five essential suspicions. The first is “Care is the quintessence of nursing and an unmistakable, overwhelming, focal, and binding together core interest.” Nurses give mind affectability and sympathy. Cultural care theory expects medical attendants to give that same care yet in view of the social uniqueness of every person. Furthermore, “Culturally based care tend to prosperity wellbeing, development, survival, and in confronting impairments or passing.” Non-culturally competent care has been connected to expanded medicinal services cost and diminished consistence by people. People have a tendency to be resistant if their way of life needs are not met or have been expelled. The third assumption is “Culturally based care is the most comprehensive, holistic, and particularistic intends to know, clarify, translate, and predict beneficial congruent care practices.” (“Purpose and goals of the transcultural nursing theory,” 2013)