There review” by American sociological Association (2015), They

There are many family types, where as the most distinctive one is single parenting, and newly discovered ones such as foster family and grandparenting Family, in these types of family, may children behave in the most unbearable way in modern society. It’s not the children may feel as if it their fault which causes the separation of their parents while others don’t, thus it may lead to devastating outcomes of the children behaviour. In the essay, “American Sociological review” by American sociological Association (2015), They emphasises the believe that changes involving the exit of a parent from the household are more harmful for maternal wellbeing and children’s behavioural outcomes. In the essay, “does single parenting affect Children” by john Kelly (2010).

The separation of a parent can be critical to a child emotional wellbeing. Many children with single parent got teased at school by other kids with both parents in their lives. A lot of them blamed their mother for the separation of their family (visa Versa) not knowing the true story behind there separation. Knowing what the child is going through, many parents takes the blame that their kids cast upon them, and often time the problem arouse because the single parent mom is unstable. (Mclanahan, Tach, and Schneider 2013) shows factors that select people into different family types. Unstableness is likely to affect boys than it does girls where boys would come off as more negative (ASA 2010). With that said, boys may turn to drugs abuse because he feels neglected and often carryout criminal activities. Some girls have a good relationship with their single parent regardless of which parent. In addition, mothers moreover neglect their children because if such drastic change in the family, which could lead to one of the many factors of even adolescents behaviour towards society of the negative perception of fathers overall; some Mothers tend to change the view the child have of there fathers negatively and so, when the child comes in contact with their father they turned out to be unforgivable towards them.
The fact that many parents who leave their homes to start another family it is very much unbearable for a child of an adolescent to forgive then easily. A man who died as a single parent known as John Kelly, states that “kids raised by single parents are less likely to be stigmatized than they once were, many are still at risk for certain psychological and developmental problems.” (Bromfield, 2008). It’s not unusual for children to be exposed to — or even drawn into — the conflict that happens between parents before, during and after a breakup. Some parents may pressure children to choose sides, which can leave them feeling guilty or abandoned. Parents do not understand the frustration children go through when they openly argue about filing divorce papers. That is the cause of Children beign confused and ad feel neglected. Amongst themselves they ask questions like: Is it my fault my parents fight? What did I do wrong? And from that they may attempt to run away from home, because of the questions they were forced to ask themselves rather than the parents telling them the truth about the real reasons they dad left or the real reason they mom left.

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