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The presence of master thesis is divided into eight chapters. The first chapter is reflecting on the initial situation and problems that are facing by the Volkswagen nutzfahrzeuge in the assembly line. In the second chapter information about the Volkswagen group and about the department where I am working and how it works.


In the third chapter mentions about the Lean management in the Volkswagen and how it improve the efficiency of the company with the help of different method. By implementing the plan do check act method and continuous improvement process will make the efficient in the process of Volkswagen group. Moreover, in this chapter, it includes the shop floor management in the assembly line of the Volkswagen where it describes all the concept of the shop floor in the assembly and solves the problem which they are facing in the production of the vehicles in Hannover. The fourth chapter involves and explains about the weak spots they are facing in the assembly lines about the working procedure and its main concern about the KPI of that they are initiated in the assembly to make the problem solve within it. Using the concept which describes the different modes to solve that problem and make analysis with to implement the KPIs.

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In the fifth chapter, it involves the explanation of the key performance index which is using the shop floor table and makes under stable about what they are facing a situation when they are dealing with it. In the Six chapter, it’s all about the situation of BA 5 lines and concentrates on how the shop floor management make an effect to reach that goal. In this one, the different continuous improvement concept is used to make them efficient of BA 5 assembly lines.


In the last, it summarizes all stuff and determines the conclusion to make the initiative about the work to be implemented in the Volkswagen assembly to make them improvisation in the assembly process.