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The Hunger Games Ccompared to Rome The Hunger Games was a book written by Suzanne Collins the book was released in September 2008. (Suzanne Collins was inspired to write the Hunger Games so children could learn about the subject of war. She thought that children would would read the book and have an experience  were they would see war and make better decisions). The Hunger Games was also partly inspired by the Greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur. Thesis????The Rome Games were made for entertainment and the Hunger Games were too, but not as much as the Rome Games,. tThe Hunger Games were really meant for giving districts food,water,and other things, The Gladiators in the games would still get food but only for their families and not for a whole reagin. The Hunger Games is obviously more advanced than the Rome Games for instance in the Hunger Games the have more advanced swords, arrows, axes, and etc. In the Rome Games they did use this stuff but it can way more advanced in the Hunger Games like exploding arrows, cross brows and even mines. But in the Rome Games you could only use a few weapons mainly a sword, shield, a dagger, a spear, or a long wooden stick. In the Hunger Games the coliseum is more of a big invisible dome around an area where people fight in this area there can be traps like gas traps, spike traps, and fire traps. (And in the Rome colosseum didn’t have traps. There is only one Rome game that is similar to the hunger games and that game is gladiator fights.) Gladiator fights are taken place in the roman colosseum where they fight to the death for food and things to survive this is bacily the hunger games just with more people and higher stakes. Even tho the hunger games use more advanced weapons they still use the same weapons like the spear, sword, wooden pole, and a shield. In these games you eliminate other people form the games to win how you eliminate  the is  you grab a weapon from the center of the area and kill them. The center of the area is called the cornucopia. In the gladiator fight the is no cornucopia you would enter the arena with your weapons and fight.( The Roman Colosseum  was started by the emperor Vespasian and finished by his son Titus Flavius in 80 A.D.  It soon became popular for its spectator gladiator games and animal. These things were meant for the public’s viewing pleasure and they served to raise the popularity of the emperors).  The games that the capitol holds every year serve as entertainment, but also publicly demonstrate its power over the districts. The Hunger Games are every bit as brutal and inventive as the gladiatorial games. (Panem is very similar to the cultural of ancient rome was thought out in history, even though Rome was not always ruled by emperors.  There is the Capital, decadent and has a complete stranglehold over the outlying districts). In the newer of the Roman Empire, this was true because Roman citizens were usually exempt from certain taxes that the provincials had to pay. ( Life within the province of Italy was usually much better than life in the outlying provinces, which is similar to Panem’s system.  Rome also had a lot provinces which were known for its main exports. Egypt was known as the breadbasket of the empire because of its grain).  Panem’s districts are known for their main exports as well, as demonstrated by the fact that the two tributes from each district wear something relating to their district’s main export. both Panem and the Roman Empire had a centralized seat of government with large provinces. Despite the size differences one spans over one continent, the other spans multiple continents  the dynamics are similar. (The Districts and the provinces have their own administration, becoming outposts of the central government. One  difference is that the Roman Empire made their own people governors. Panem seems to allow the Districts to vote for its own mayor. despite its Republican roots, the Roman Empire was an autocracy). Similarly, (Panem, even though its democratic sounding Presidency, is a totalitarian state. Both the Emperor and the President had enough military power to cower the rest of the government. he provincial system  like the Districts had different levels of loyalty. The outermost provinces were the newest, and therefore the least integrated into the Roman way of life. This pattern reemerges in Panem as well. The outward Districts such as 12 try not to get themselves involved with the Capitol, preferring to stay on the edge of the area. The Districts with less people are closest to the Capitol, both proximately and emotionally. bBoth governments used the military to subdue their holdings. The Roman Empire sent armies to Egypt, Europe and parts of Africa, to make sure they were obeying the law.  Peacekeepers the same thing in the Hunger Games). These men push the Capitol’s power upon the Districts. Julie covers this one well, but I’ll only add one thing. Both cultures trivialize violence and death by turning them into a spectacle. (The voyeurism reaches extreme heights in both cultures.Roman society fragments into classes based on citizenship, ancestry, and land holdings). The social structure in Panem is a little mysterious, but there are rough divisions with the Capitol, the Districts and within the Districts. (These divisions roughly copy  the Roman emphasis on citizens. Ancient Rome was the grandchild of the Greek rhetorical tradition. Greats like Cicero and Horace. I may be profaning rhetoric by comparing Claudius Temple smith with Cicero and Horace, but television is just a different medium for rhetoric. Regardless of setting  a podium or television  both cultures value rhetoric. The one difference is that in Panem, persuasive skills tip the scales towards survival or death. Survival in the Arena depends on how well you can persuade people to sponsor you. Peeta uses his oratory skill to convince others to sponsor Katniss). In this paper i wrote about Suzannes Collins and how she was inspired to write this book and when the book was created and some of the things it was based on. Also in this paper i talked about the games how the Hunger Games are more  advanced in weapons then Rome’s weapons and similar weapons and how different the colosseum are  in design in there traps and in size. I also talk about the districts exports and how some districts are distanced from the Capitol and how some are close to the Capitol. And i talked about sponsors.