The supposed to kill. According to Etzioni and

The second major effect that humans will face due to artificial intelligence is that they could commit crimes. Human beings have come up with innovative and varied ways to be able to kill each other. These ways vary widely in different methods to kill each other. Death can happen by different methods, with our bare hands or a small gun or with greater technology such as robots that would help us kill from greater physical distance. Major crimes can happen if robots get out of control or if the wrong person controls them. For example, if the police in catching criminals and killing them use the robots, but they get out of control they could easily start also killing innocent people instead of the criminals they are supposed to kill. According to Etzioni and Etzioni (2017), almost all nations agreed to the idea to make machines that can kill humans not minding what weapons being used. Making the world seem to be in a great danger since out is acceptable for machines to be made just for killing people. In additional another thing that was discussed by Etzioni and Etzioni (2017) that the robots will be the choosing their targets and kill them, while humans will not a part of that choice in choosing the person and in the killing of that person. Moreover, causing robots to be able to start their own wars and fight in them. According to Simpson and Müller (2016), there is a belief that making the army consist of killer machines, as they will replace soldiers in the wars, which is rather terrifying, as machines do not have feelings; they just follow instructions given to them without questioning them. The main issue being that what will happen if machines get out of control and cannot be controlled again, they could just take innocent humans life since they feel nothing, they do not know what is right and what is wrong. They are programmed to kill.
However, Artificial Intelligence does have a major benefit being that they do help when it comes to health care. AI helps health care in many ways such as supporting doctors when it comes to medical decision making