The SAS High Performance Analytics involved not only querying

The SAS High Performance Analytics involved not only querying, descriptive statistics, summarizations or reports but also solved complex business problem scenarios using high-end analytical techniques at high speed. It makes organizations enjoy swiftly and confidently grab the firsthand opportunities, better decision making putting them at a competitive edge and achieve new high valuable insight from big data as it focuses on the whole model of development life cycle and its deployment life cycle (Bolohan & Ciobanu, 2013). The new innovative technology High Performance Analytics (HPA) have aided marketing analyst through running of algorithms and routines to process the firm’s huge amounts of data through a millions of scenarios in order to extract key insights (Liebowitz, 2013). There are three modern distributed processing approaches that give HPA power to handle these data volumes. This includes: grid computing, in- memory, and in- database. They allow firms enjoy a competitive edge by utilizing HPA advancements whereas providing scalability, flexibility, IT- resource utilization and unprecedented profits.