The their opinions, regular team meetings, listening

The role of manager is to influence and encourage team members to action around a common goals. Managers have to understand why is important to use leadership strategies that can improve your team influence ability and improve performance in their team.

In order to improve team working and team performance, manager can use following:
• Empower team members – to work with team members in identifying resources needed and allow them to find ways to achieve objectives
• Communication- encourage and value their opinions, regular team meetings, listening and understanding their ideas
• Review team performance and ensure it is recognised within organisation
• Recognise individual performance – members need to be awarded individual for any idea which can help company to achieve objectives
• Understand their motivational needs and review team purpose and objectives
• Train team members in different roles and encourage their ideas

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XPO Logistics has a number of methods for promoting performance improvement such as suggestion board where all employees can fill up suggestion forms which are considered by the human resources department together with General Manager.
For the last 3 months the company have been awarding “employee of the month” to employees which perform in their work, attendance, health and safety, team work and general duties.
The Company also invests in training their staff, to participate in management and leadership courses in order to increase their knowledge and understanding. Some of the managers have completed some trainings in order to try and improve performance and efficiency within their teams.
All employees are encouraged to communicate their thoughts to the management in order to increase their performance and is very important that all of them feel valued.