The in 1991 when the Weimar Constitution

The picture above is of a wilted flower that bloomed out of a crack. Hence, it symbolizes two things, progress and regress. During the 20th century, women across Europe and North America started to demand for voting rights. They finally managed to fulfill their demands in 1991 when the Weimar Constitution granted women the same rights as men. This was extremely significant because for the first time in German history, they were able to vote and hold office positions. The ability to vote gave them a voice to have a practical say in the political decisions that were being made for them. As a result of the war, most of the male population were either enlisted or severely injured. Thus, the women made up the majority of the electorate which contributed to the number of seats occupied by women in the German parliament (Reichstag). The women also had increased opportunities in terms of jobs. With the new law, they are now able to hold job positions such as clerks and factory worker that were previously dominated by men. The progress women had during the Weimar Republic is just like the flower above before it wilted. Although it did not have the most ideal condition, it still managed to grow into a relatively healthy plant from the dark crack. Towards the end of the 20th century, the republic encountered and economic crisis. Thus, the women population started to turn to more conservative parties such as the Nazis. Although their rights became progressively better, they were still facing lots of backlash. It certainly did not help that the conservative parties strongly believed in the slogan “Kinder, Küche, Kirche” (children, kitchen, church) and made it a vital part in their proposed system. As such, women especially those married were forced to give up their newly gained opportunities in the workforce to resume their traditional roles as a housewife and/or a mother. This shows that all good things will end especially those that are constantly battered by life challenges. The regression for women is similar to the flower in the picture as over time, the unconducive growing environment took a toll on the plant and it unfortunately wilted, just like how the women in Germany lost their brief freedom.