The myth

The myth, The Creation of the Universe and Life, is written about the Yoruba people. You can tell by the way the Yoruba’s peoples actions and behaviors that they value and respect the gods. The gods take human form and coming down to live with and help the Yoruba people. The myth says that the Yoruba people see their gods as helpful and trustworthy. I also think that the gods in this myth have a lot of human characteristics. The human characteristics are shown when Obatala desires companionship. I believe we as humans crave compassion.
It is not strange for Obatala to want company. H wants to share the beautiful place that he created with humans. It seems as though the Yoruba gods care for the humans as if they are their children. The Yoruba gods created these people and it is not a surprise they protect them. The events that happen in the myth such as Olokun flooding all of the land that Obatala created, shows that the Yoruba tribe are concerned about natural disasters and view them as the gods being angry with them. I think that in the Yoruba culture these concerns can still be relevant because they will still face these natural disasters and may still believe that it is Olokun punishing them for taking some of her power away.
In reference to the chameleon, I think that this character is a sidekick of Olorun to keep him seen as the greatest of the gods. An example of this would be when the chameleon goes to Olokun and tricks her on behalf of Olorun. I do not think that Olorun is the greatest of the gods if he has to trick people into thinking that he is better.