The Impact of this change is quite huge, people

The Impact
of this change is quite huge, people are able to read the news on any social
media site. The fact that any type of social media has risen in the past few
years is outstanding. The way audiences access information now is entirely
different to how it was many years ago, as social platforms didn’t exist or
existed through word of mouth. It means for news industry that money is being
made differently, as less people buy newspapers for example, and more read new stories
on their phones. However, they get to spread what they publish to a wider
audience, with that same use of internet and its social platforms. It helps
less acknowledged writers to get a voice and get it spread out, as well as publicizing
stories that need to be heard and that larger news companies don’t particularly
mention. It’s a general assumption that in our century, paper is being replaced
by screens. Books can be read online, news can be accessible by anyone who owns
a phone, a tablet or a computer. It also helps a viewer to research and make up
their own mind on a particular subject, as all points of views would be now
available. The idea of price is also a balancing one, as in such a consummation
society, it seems normal that one would rather access a free platform rather
than something which demands money. Journalist also have to acknowledge on how
to act, and take an active part in the community.