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The Great Depression was one of the most catastrophic economic disruption in the 20th century. In the Great Depression two presidents play a major role in the economic crisis; Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Herbert Hoover was the thirty first president in the year the nation plunged into the Great Depression. As the thirty first president many people placed trust in him to help the nation through the crisis, but Hoover was unable to come up with any programs to help the nation. Although Herbert Hoover was not able to save the nation from the Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt was able to help the nation through the economic prosperity.
Herbert Hoover became president at a very crucial time in our nation’s history; the Great Depression. During the Great Depression, many americans were looking for a leader to lead them out of the economic crisis, since the previous leader was unable to stop the period of low business activity. Despite the fact that president Herbert Hoover was chosen to lead them out of the Great Depression, Hoover deepened the crisis. During president Hoover’s presidency, he was blamed for being indifferent and not fighting hard enough during the Great Depression. In “Hoover Looks,” it states that “Although critics later blamed Hoover for not doing enough to fight the Great Depression, in his press conference of August 15 indicates that he at least attempted to put forward some emergency measures to stave off the economic collapse of the agricultural industry.” Hoover asked the committee to draft a suggestion on how to aid the unemployment rates of the nation. Even with Hoover’s emergency measures, the crisis worsened throughout his terms he was in office. By the time re-election came around in 1932, Hoover became gravely unpopular.
Once elected, Roosevelt announced the three R’s of the new deal program; relief, reform, and recovery (TVA). President Roosevelt created federally funded programs in order to get people back to work. One of the president Roosevelt’s program is the Tennessee Valley Authority. The Tennessee Valley Authority provided jobs for people to build dams across the Tennessee Valley River. Many people were given jobs in the program to alleviate poverty in the nation. The TVA was tasked with providing flood control, and improving the navigability of the Tennessee River. However, as Roosevelt fought the crisis, the New Deal program failed to end the Great Depression. Unemployment rates still remained high and economic growth remain dreadfully slow.
President Herbert Hoover and president Franklin D. Roosevelt did different tasks to help save the nation through the Great Depression. Herbert Hoover did not have many significant plans to help the nation, on the other hand, Franklin D. Roosevelt made the “New Deal” program to help the rising of unemployment rates, due to unemployment percentages rose up from three percent to twenty three percent during president Herbert Hoover’s presidency (A&E Television). Franklin D. Roosevelt created millions of jobs to build highways, railroads, and dams that we still use today. With the millions of jobs Roosevelt was able to lower the unemployment rates to regulate the nation. On the other hand, president Herbert Hoover did not have any significant plans to help the nation out of the economic crisis. During President Herbert Hoover’s term, shanty towns (camps with houses composed of materials people could salvage) started to appear across the united states. Shanty towns across the U.S. also became known as Hoovervilles named after the president; Herbert Hoover.
By 1932 Herbert Hoover was gravely unpopular and had no chance of being re-elected at the 1932 re-election, and Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt won the election by a landslide of twenty one million votes. Franklin D. Roosevelt made many programs in order to alleviate poverty in the nation. Roosevelt’s programs focused on the three R’s relief, reform, and recovery. Franklin D. Roosevelt made millions of jobs to alleviate the nation from poverty. With Roosevelt’s programs, Roosevelt was able to make changes to help the nation, but was unable to end the Great Depression completely.