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The gap between University and secondary school is huge. The main difference I believe between University and secondary school is that in University you are required to become this independent learner without your lecturers telling you everything. The most important thing to do is to prepare for University is to equip yourself with certain study skills that are needed in all aspects of University.

Firstly, you need the study skill of academic writing. There is a big difference between University writing and secondary writing. At University you have to do something called referencing which is when you credit authors when you use them in your work. Although, referencing can seem daunting at first as it is quite tedious, after you have done one you would be able to see how easy it is. To prepare for referencing I would recommend you just research terms like plagiarism, collusion etc. so you would be more familiar when you actually do it. Another part of academic writing is researching. Before writing any assignment, you need to make sure you do extensive research to enable you to get the best grade. Although, you cant prepare for this at this moment you can make sure when you start University you understand how to use library and use the services they provide to enable you to access the best research.
University also means that you get more free time compared to secondary school. Although, you get more time you should use that time out of class to do your class work. This also means you need to manage your time well in order to finish all your work. To manage time in University planning is key as you will have many deadlines. To plan I would recommend you either do it digitally through apps like google calendar or physically write in a diary all your assignments, homework etc. Also, I would recommend you keep a to-do list with all your work that is still pending. To plan for tests it depends person to person. Some people can keep to a strict revision timetable whereas some people prefer to do work depending on their mood. From my experience I would say that any of those two methods will do but the important thing is for you to have a goal in mind of what you want to achieve by the end of the day. Plus, it is very important whilst you are revising to take breaks. To prepare for this I would recommend you that through your secondary exams see what works for you. A beneficial thing to do would be to prepare for University is to read the course guide so that
Something I have learnt through University so far is that it is important for you is to have a balance of University work and other commitments. Without this balance you will fall behind in your work and it will be really stressful for you to catch up. On the flip side if you only do University work you will burn yourself out and you won’t be doing things that you love like your hobbies. To have this balance it is really important for you to work hard from the start as then when it comes to exam time you would already be prepared. To prepare for this I would recommend from the beginning to schedule your life so you include time for your assignments/exams and have time to perform outside commitments.
Another way to prepare for University is by being organised. For example, you can have a filing method set to ensure your notes are organised in an orderly fashion enabling you to find all your work easily. You can be organised my making a schedule to fit all the things you need to do.
Despite all that, preparing for the social aspect of University is important as well. University means you would be meeting all kinds of different people and at first it might seem quite overwhelming. To overcome that you just need to remember everyone is in the same position as you and University is a chance for you to meet new people.
To finish off I would like to say that University is a experience that will prepare you for adulthood. The most important thing to do to at University is to ensure you attend all your classes so that you learn the basic knowledge that is required from you. As they say plan to fail, fail to plan.

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