The on the branches or ropes around them.

The difference and similarities between these primate species is very apparent to me. Starting out with their appearance difference, the Gibbon monkey is bigger by roughly 4 feet. Gibbon monkey is black color while the squirrel monkey is a bright yellowish orange color with a slight black and white coloration on some of their heads. They act differently as well; Gibbon monkey seems more intelligent while the Squirrel monkey is more active. Another way they are different is by their association with each other. The squirrel monkey didn’t actively play or associate with each other. They seemed to just be doing their own individual things. While the Gibbon monkey, seemed to want to be near each other. They actively touched each other, crossed each other path, and relaxed near each other. A similarity between the two is that they used the surroundings as a mode of transportation. Climbing, clinging, and leaping on the branches or ropes around them. Leaping distances way longer then themselves, and again with no sense of hesitation.