The go so far away to see

first argument presented in essay two does not have a true conclusion. In the
article they say that most of the Australians cannot appreciate marine life
because they live in the cities, far away from where the sea can be found. Then
they added that most Australians would find more wild animals in the sea than
in the sea world. Therefore, they say that Australian people should not have
sea world and visit the sea instead because it is also free. Here is where I
think the premise it is totally wrong because if most of the Australians live
in cities they should be able to experience what the wild animals do without
having to go so far away to see it.

second argument presented has all the premises true. They state that research
conducted in Marine Science Institutions is not being efficient and truthful as
if the animals were living in the ocean. Therefore, they stated that research
conducted in a Marine institution would not have effective answers when it came
to analyzing dolphins and whales. Here all the premises are true because
everything that is being said leads to a true outcome in this case being that
the research would not be as accurate as if it was done on the dolphins and the
whales natural environment, the ocean.

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third argument is true as well. They say that even though tourist visit Australian’s
Sea Worlds, they would rather see the animals in its natural environment than in
cages or cement pool because that’s how most of tourist sees the animals in their
country. Additionally, they also stated that tourist do not really bother if the
Sea World is close when they visited the country because that is not the experience
they want to have. All the premises are leading to a true conclusion because when
people travel to any part of the world, they do not want to see what they have seen
or can see at their country. People want to have the ability to experience and see
new things and in this case, is to see animals in their natural environment.

you can notice that most of the premises stated in this essay lead to a true conclusion.
Meaning that both the premises and the
conclusions are all considered valid information.