The the United States of America to later

The colonial era is considered a period where 13 European colonies took over part of the United States of America to later become 13 states. During this time, slavery was completely legal and implemented in every colony. At first, Native Americans were the ones being oppressed and enslaved, but due to the fact that they started to die from European diseases, African Americans became an easy target to subjugate. The slaves, most African Americans in Virginia were marginalized because labor in Southern States was critical for the economy, but surprisingly, they had significant autonomy. Even though “free blacks” were a group of free men and women of African descent and some of them even owned slaves, they still did not get to enjoy the same rights as white citizens.
Throughout this chapter, it is evident that Classism along with Racism were the two things that ruled during the Colonial Era. Slavery in the Northern States was ended after the American Revolution but unfortunately kept happening in the Southern States. Racism and classism were both being justified by this idea that African Americans were somehow less than humans; thus, this economic growth that meant gaining wealth out of a person’s labor without paying the expenses for lodging nor food, was acceptable. Society at the time dissented towards how to treat slaves; depending on where they worked, and their masters, slaves were treated very differently.