The possibilities open for them, but if they

The central argument in the article is that it’s difficult for many young people to find descent work and it may be hard for them to find a robust partnership with schools where they would like to continue their education. Young people need a lot of help to get prepared for their further education. When these students don’t know what to do with their lives or who they want to become when they grow up, a lot of times they choose the easy path. An education that is not going to be difficult and one that doesn’t take very long. There are many possibilities open for them, but if they don’t have some kind of passion for perhaps they job, it gets hard for them to choose where they want their lives to go. It can be especially stressful for those students who have parents that count on them and wants them to have a good job and a good future as well, and it wears them down to not being able to deal with the pressure that has been put on them. When students choose not to take a big education, there are not many doors that will open for them, and their chances of finding a good continuous job can be very small.
Students whose first language is not English can have problems. A lack of understanding the primary language can prevent a student of not completely understanding the topic on. Long lectures can also be tiring, especially if they take about an hour