The Several cyberbullying incidents happen because of people

The Causes of Cyberbullying
Hadeel Alashwal
Qatar University
English 202-102
October 12,2018
Manal Bassyone

The causes of cyberbullying
Have you ever been a victim of bullying? Or are you the one who bully? Nowadays, people are being humiliated during the time they spend on social media. This problem is increasing around the world, and it recently referred to as cyberbullying. Cyberbullying means bullying through social media or other online applications, and it causes many victims taking their lives because of this problem. The major causes of widespread cyberbullying are the terrible use of social media, little supervision from parents and the hidden identity of the bullies.

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One of the serious causes of the rising trend of cyberbullying is the offensive use of social media. Everything in this world has its benefits and drawbacks. Furthermore, it depends on people’s behavior and how they use social media. Several cyberbullying incidents happen because of people with inappropriate manners. For example, when someone posts a picture on Instagram, and two minutes later mannerless people start criticizing the sender’s picture through comments and hateful messages. Moreover, there are inappropriate behaviors that cause an interest in cyberbullying problem to increase such as the jealousy and the love of fame. Another significant cause of the widespread of cyberbullying is anonymity. The most convenient method to bully somebody is behind the monitor screen, where your identity is hidden. Besides, there are neither effective policies for the bullies nor evidence of the bullies hidden identities. It is similar to taking revenge from people or bulling them without getting hurt or being taken to the police station. This feeling of satisfaction for the bullies will prevent them from stopping. In addition to that, less inspection of some governments and online moderators, their careless or their blindness limit their knowledge in these situations. For instance, some cases the online moderators cannot identify the bullies, and people around the world find this the best chance for bullying or revenging.

Another central cause of the spread of cyberbullying is less parental supervision. This issue usually leads to inappropriate behavior of the child to other people, or in many situations they could be a victim of cyberbullying. For example, children may bully other people on social media, while parents are busy with their duties. This problem would make the child unmoved when he hurts other people’s feeling, or in other cases, he would get crazy by the time, if people will not stop bullying him, and no adults were there for him.

In conclusion, there are three essential causes for the rising trend of cyberbullying, which are the unknown identity of the bullies, the rude behavior of social media users, and the less parental supervision. To overcome this problem, parents should care more about their children activities, and governments should establish restricted laws for people who try to bully on social media.

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