The the preservation of the body was

The believes of ancient Egyptians were very peculiar. And for the comprehension of their presumptions, they developed their own different culture and ethics. The mummification process which is very common in Egypt is a difficult process as well. So, why so much effort was taken in the era of cremation?

The ancient Egyptians believed that the human body is very respectful creation and that is why; it should not be destroyed even after the soul leaves the body. So, they started preserving the dead bodies because they wanted the soul of the body to return to its body in after life. They believed that the spirit will also require all the resources like food or water as the body needs. As we all have heard that spirit is a free soul. And this free spirit keeps searching for its body to consume these resources offered to the body in after life. Some also believed that by preserving body they are giving the spirit an eternal life. That is why the recognition of the correct body to the correct spirit was very important and hence, the preservation of the body was dealt to serve the spirit. Here, mummification came into practice to make sure that the body doesn’t undergo decomposition beyond recognition.

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Before the mummies were made, the dead bodies of ancient Egyptians were simply buried underground in the sand. Due to high humid temperature of Egypt, the body was seen preserved naturally. Still, there was not satisfaction that whether the spirits were finding their corrects corpse or not. So, the mummies were made and kept in tomb. Initially, it was made for the kings. The process of mummification is a very complex one. All the organs from the body are first removed and packed in a packet or jar with the salt and kept in the coffin beside the body or even outside. The empty abdomen is cleaned with the aromatic solutions and later fills the abdomen with the herbs. The brain of the body is pulled out through the nose using a solvent or a hook. By removing all the organs, the body became hollow and hence, in this way the process of decomposition was slowed down. This hollow body was filled with salt and covered in salt for almost 40-72 days to dry it out. Only after this time, the body was stuffed with straws and others in order to give its previous shape. It was the time when the body is given to the family. So, the body was covered with lotions and wrapped with long linen strips. With the wrapping process occurring, the priest always chanted the charms simultaneously of this process and even some charms were wrapped with the linens. Also, the mask was placed on the face.
All of this was done, just that the dead body’s spirit would able to recognize its body.
The mummification process may be ancient, but in modern day the people wraps the deceased body in simple and bury them underground with their beloved objects or foods.