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The background information for the john Deere header, is that it was made to improve agriculture and farming for the people that grew crops. The inventor that first made the John Deere header was John Deere and co. The invention works when crops are gathered in by the header at the front of the header this is called the header comb. The comb has a pair of sharp fingers that divide the crop on either end of the comb. When the header is moving along, the teeth on the bottom of the comb are moving and cut the heads of the stalk. The grain and stubble is then sorted out and the grain gets stored in a bin until it is full and needs to be emptied, the stubble on the other hand doesn’t get stored it goes through the machine and gets spat out at the end of the header. The header is an important invention because if we didn’t have the header peoples crops would die and hand picking would be very slow if they had to do this. The method that was used to harvest crops before the industrial revolution was hand picking. The developments that have occurred with the header has effected farmers greatly, for approximately 27years, horse pulled headers harvested crops for the famers, skipping through many years of headers being made, and finally in 2010 John Deere hits combine milestone. The development was caused because of the industrial revolution. Before the industrial revolution people handpicked the crop, this meant that people had to physically walk through the crops and pick the crops.