“The January first eighteen-o-nine, in Boston, Massachusetts.

“The angels, not half so happy in Heaven, Went envying her and me.”Edgar Allen Poe created a poem on love that was so strong that almost the universe did not want it to be.Who is Edgar Allen Poe?Edgar Allen Poe is one of the most well known American writers; he created one of the most well known poems in history, “The Raven.”Edgar Allen Poe not only liked to touch upon love and deathbut also had a lot of symbolism and feeling, which we see inAnnabel Lee.”Annabel Lee” is about a man and a woman being very much in love but for not exactly defined reason has passed away and this man is coming to terms with how he feels about it. Edgar Allan Poe was born January first eighteen-o-nine, in Boston, Massachusetts. His mother died early in his life as well as his father left the familyand lived with another family whom he eventually left. Edgar Allan Poe actually was said to be the innovator for the mystery genre in literature. He was even awarded for it in eighteen forty three for his “The Gold Bug.”Edgar Allan Poe’s death seems to ironically isa mystery of its own, he died October seven and there are many different beliefs on his death like alcohol poisoning or rabies for example.In “Annabel Lee” the very first form of symbolism is a “kingdom” which is constantly used through out the poem. It refers to a sort of unreal feeling, just happy and it sets the scene for a perfect love as a king and queen; it actually changes throughout the poem and canbe used negatively after the death.The “Moon and Stars”is another form
of symbolism that almost feels nostalgic. It feels like a reminder of Annabel still being with him and it is a happy place for him.Last but not least “The Sea” is almost like glue to the poem, it describes the emotion of loneliness as well a symbol of negativity that takes Annabel away from him and eventually has her.The audiencefor this would be people dealing with a loss of a loved one.”Annabel Lee ” has that awkward feel where your almost stuck in your thoughts, as one dealing with a similar situation might not either and we see this by the changes in tone throughout the poem. The poem has a few feelings into it, such as a bit of anger and depression, seeing as he curses the angels and demons for trying to take away his love. The tone isn’t always negative because he feels as though Annabel Lee is with him there that very moment. Throughout the poem it actually tend to feel like she had never left.Edgar Allen Poe is a well-known writer as well as an innovator, with Annabel Lee being his last piece before his death showing so.Even though Annabel Lee might not be his most well known pieces, it definitelyis an example of him putting himself into his work.Edgar Allen Poe’s wife had died rather young in her life and I feel as though this is anotherpoem of him reflecting his feelings for thatissue. This is one poem that we can see be relatable to people even now. Even back then there was cases of loved ones being taken to soon as is now.