The visual cardiac monitors are there as well.

The alarming sound of ambulance signal from a distance dashed toward the emergency entrance. ” Code Blue ” I heard the nurse paging and calling the doctor for help. The doctor runs for the patient and command to do a CT scan and Blood test to diagnose the patient. I saw many people wounded unconsciously lying in the bed. There has been a fatal accident. I’ve seen medical staff pushing the hospital metal bed rushing towards the operating room. The medical staff is working tough to save a human being. These people include Surgeons, Nurses, and Physicians. The unbearable odour of rotten flesh in the emergency waiting area stuck in my nose that makes my sinuses even worst. I also observed that emergency room had the unique hi-tech pieces of equipment. Specifically, a stethoscope used for the respiratory and cardiac pulse as the basis. Moreover, I saw small bowls, scissors, sterile towels, and visual cardiac monitors are there as well. They also have bookcases with different kits and trays such as IV trays, emergency delivery kit, pacemaker, and chest tubes. On the left side, there is gurney cover with white sheet and pillow.