The the community within Strahans Road Recycling

The aim of WRICC is to reach out to the wider community and educate them on the importance of waste management and how they manage different types of waste that could potentially be reused.
WRICC will work closely with the local council, schools, community organisations and businesses in developing workshops throughout Strabane. Developing a close partnership with council will be a key priority as our main objectives link closely with the Strategic Growth Plan 2017-32.
After the first year, we will introduce OCN accredited apprenticeships to school leavers and the unemployed youth. The overall aim is to benefit the environment, community and the local economy. Statistics show that within the Strabane area there are increased numbers within the youth sector who are unemployed and not in education plus an element of high deprivation (see appendix 6). Another part of the business will be to upcycle old furniture with the addition of bespoke resin artwork for retail resale.
Year 1 Objectives:
• Launch a new community recycling social enterprise in the heart of the community within Strahans Road Recycling Depot, Strabane.
• Apply for NI Business Start-up Loan
• Provide health and safety plus other relevant training to staff.
• Develop a Communication Strategy to inform the local community, schools and businesses of the new businesses to obtain buy-in and to spread the word.
• Stakeholder analysis.
• Develop a pool of volunteers.
• Launch the new business with upcycled and resin designed pieces of furniture at affordable prices.
• Run pilot workshops within schools, businesses and community groups.
• Develop a committee group specifically for funded projects in year 2, to include elected members, local businesses and community/school representatives and establish a Memorandum of Understanding. Three positions will be appointed:
o Chairperson
o Treasurer
o Secretary
This group will ensure transparency and open dialogue of ongoing issues within the local area.
• Research and development of year two projects
• Research of external funding bodies for year two projects.