The especially youngsters in today’s society. Unemployment is

The action of making choices by identifying a decision, setting objectives and evaluating alternatives resolutions is known as the decision-making process. By following the steps of decision-making can help one make more cautious decisions and think well by organizing appropriate information and defining alternatives. Decision-making process consists of 7 steps which are as followed: Identify the decision, gather relevant information, Recognize the alternatives, weigh the evidence, choose among alternatives, take action and review decision and its consequences. Taking these steps into consideration, it is seen that youth unemployment has a become a major problem in Mauritius. Below are the main causes, factors affecting and how the government is doing its best to solve the issues of unemployment that is greatly affecting the life of many people especially youngsters in today’s society.

Unemployment is a macroeconomic problem that directly affects an individual life. An observation has been made by the central statistics office (CSO) that unemployment in Mauritius is increasing day by day. Concerning this particular issue, a report on “labor force, employment and unemployment- third quarter 2011” has been made public on 27th December 2011. According the minister Xavier-Luc Duval, who is the founder of the Youth Employment Programme (YEP) stated that there are six factors affecting the rate of 17% of youngsters under 30 of being unemployed in Mauritius. The first main cause is the mismatch between skills and jobs. A statement by the minister of finance is that preference is more given to academic patents rather than opportunities in the labor market. Furthermore, about 250 holders of a degree in finance, 300 patents holder’s business management, 150 holders of a patent human resource management, 120 patents holder’s economics a, 100 patent holders hospitality management and 800 patents in the field of social sciences, business and law are still unemployed. Being inexperienced is another factor for unemployment. Nowadays, people who have work experience are more favored with jobs. However, due to benefit from investment companies out of their studies graduates are unable to meet with these particular criteria which ultimately leads them with no job opportunities. According to YEP communication gap is the root cause for not being approved of a job as youngsters are unable to express themselves well. “Graduates are too choosy” (Xavier- Luc Duval, October 2013). For example, some people complained that the work place is far from their resident or they will not be able to do night shift. Some even argued about the salaries which do meet up to their expectations. This ultimately leads to jobs refusal. Lack of motivation is another issue for being jobless. Being interviewed for a particular job can be difficult for some people due to fear and lack of communicating with the employers. An example has been cited by the minister Xavier- Luc Duval that a youngster was unable to attend his interview due to rain.

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