The abolitionist movement was a movement to end slavery in the US

The abolitionist movement was a movement to end slavery in the US. The Southern states had become dependent on slave labor. However, many people in the Northern states hated slavery and started to act against it. Organizations were formed to help abolish slavery by bringing awareness to it. For example, they published newspapers showing how wrong slavery is. When the Civil War came around, the term “abolitionist” meant a person who was against slavery, or a person who wanted to end slavery. The Abolitionist Movement was about equality for all people, despite the color of their skin. Women’s Suffrage was about women having equal rights ; be given the right to vote. Equality was the theme for both movements. While African-Americans ; sympathetic white people fought for racial equality, women ; sympathetic parties felt it was the perfect time to add gender equality into the mix. Women were excluded from the abolitionist movement because women did not have any rights. Women could not sign documents that freed slaves. Women couldn’t even own property or own a business. The Women’s Suffrage and the abolitionist movement worked together to gain equality for all. This shows how gender and race shaped the development of the abolitionist movement.