Teen pregnancy is one of the most critical issues facing America today

Teen pregnancy is one of the most critical issues facing America today. Each year, one million American teenagers become pregnant. Almost 200,000 give birth to their first child. As a result the United States now has one of the highest teen pregnancy rates Western World and the financial effects are astounding. “Teen childbearing costs U.S. taxpayers between $9.4 and $28 billion a year through public assistance payments, lost tax revenue, and greater expenditures for public health care, foster care, and criminal justice services.” The odds are stacked against the children of teen parents from the minute they are born. Children are more likely to have poorer educational, behavioral, and health outcomes throughout their lives, compared with children born to older parents. criminal justice services” Their health is poorer, their cognitive devlopment is slower, and their behavioral problems are worse than their. The use or non-use of birth control for teenagers is a major conflicting issue in our society. Many teenagers today are now considering the option of taking birth control. The main dilemma is that many places require a parent or a guardian’s consent to allow a teenager to take birth control. To some, allowing teenagers to get birth control is a way of saying that it is acceptable for young women to act in fornication. It is understandable why many parents would think that, but on the other hand, it is also understandable why some may think that allowing teenagers to be on birth control is perfectly acceptable. That is why it should be acceptable for teenagers to get birth control without a parent’s consent.

Many young teenagers make decisions daily to go and participate in activities without consent from a parent. If a teenager decides to take birth control they should be able to get in without their parent’s consent. Some parents would want to have a say so in a decision such as this, but if a teenager is mature enough to make the decision to take birth control they should be able to do it as they please, without the worries of parents. Taking this step in life should be hassle free and mind easing for teenagers, which could be complicated if one’s parent has to have all the say so. Birth control has various uses but it is true that many teenagers decide to use birth control because they want to be somewhat safe during sex. Some teens may not be comfortable about talking about such topics so it may be better if the parent was not there to interfere with their decision if decided to take birth control.

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Many parents choose not to give their teenagers birth control because of many factors. Due to religious and personal beliefs, some parents would think that using birth control is all about giving teens free will to have sex and prevent pregnancy in the process but it is more than that. Not all young women are planning to engage in sexual activities when they ask for birth control, they ask to take it because of the known health benefits. Birth control has many more uses than most people would first think, it is also commonly used for aiding in a woman’s menstrual cycle and increasing heart health. Yes, it is commonly used for preventing one from getting pregnant, but at least that person would want to use this as an act of being responsible for their own life and prevent such things from happening.

On the other hand, it is understandable why some parents think it is essential for a teenager to have their consent. Birth control can come with many side effects and that is why many parents choose to have a say so about the situation. Many teenagers are so fast to look at the good of birth control some do not take the time to look into the unfortunate of birth control. One main concern is that birth control is not such a simple process like it used to be. It comes with so many horrifying side effects that a parent may not would want his or her child to make such a big decision by themselves.

Once people really takes the time to look at both sides of the story, there will always be some that believe taking birth control is a decision that should require parental consent, and there is other that believe the exact opposite. Taking birth control is a big decision in life, especially for a teenager, but many have to realize it’s the teenager’s life and if they choose to make that decision, it is their life. It is not bad if a parent wants to be there for a teenager is they make that decision but if a teenager wants to make the decision they should be able to without parental consent, because for many teens it is their life and in this decision they are just trying to make a mature decision about their life.