Technical is aerospace, electronics or any other engineering


           Technical writing is sometimes
defined as converting the complex ones into simpler ones. It is the form of
writing in which the information is represented in such a concise manner that
audience can easily get the point without getting confused. Nowadays technical
writing plays an important role in every engineering field, whether it is
aerospace, electronics or any other engineering field. It can be seen that
every engineer is asked to write various technical reports in their respective
fields where technical writing plays a major role. It helps the person to
present his ideas in a well-organized manner, as lack of organization can
mislead the audience. Through technical writing, the scientists, engineers and
we all learn to present our views in a more logical and sequential manner. It
avoids exaggeration or any other unnecessary literary devices and allows us to
present the information in a more concise manner.

           We can take up few features for
better understanding. We can take example of unity and coherence.

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Unity refers to singularity which is one of the main features of technical
writing. That is the entire paragraph focus about a single idea whether it’s
the first or last sentence.

            COHERENCE- If we talk about coherence, it
refers to showing a proper inter linkage between various elements in the
paragraph using various orders of presentation such as deductive order,
inductive order, linear order and chronological order.

            Example- Narration of an historical event. If
we want to give review regarding an historical event then we will be going to
use chronological order.


           General and Technical writing serve
totally different purpose. We can say that general piece of writing is meant
for general public. It is more about arousing the interest of the reader such
as writing your thoughts and opinions on a social issue or writing a prose
which is totally different from technical writing as it may be complex in
nature, whereas technical writing has sole objective of making the reader understand
a topic in a straight manner. At simple level we can take examples of a
cookbook full of recipes or an instruction manual on how to operate mobiles as
technical writing. It includes textbooks of science subjects, business writings
and many other things that common public may not be able to understand.
Technical writing should always be clear and concise. It should be helpful for
the readers it is intended for.

           So it can be proved from these
points that these two forms of writing are totally different from each other.

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